High performance leather handbag with individual printing


Revolutionary printing solution
on high performance leathers

Spectacular fashion has always been something that goes hand in hand with innovation and “out of the box” thinking. A creative spirit should be able to realise its ideas and never be bound by technical barriers.

We at TFL are highly aware of that and have thus joined forces with Agfa, a worldwide operating company from the printing industry, to open new gates for fashion designers to create leather articles with unprecedented and unlimited possibilities.

TFL chemicals for high quality priting

Agfa has developed Alussa, a revolutionary leather printing solution, which perfectly matches with TFL’s customised base coats RODA® Care 5754 and RODA® Car B34/N. These products create a solid bond between the leather and the ink; so does the top coat RODA® Fix 6271-B, which also gives a pleasant touch and feel.

The outstanding physical and mechanical resistance of leather treated with our coating products, enables the user to master the challenge of high resolution inkjet printing whilst obtaining colour retention, rub resistance and a warm silky touch.

Strong phyisical performances of the TFL base and top coats

TFL and Agfa combine the best of both worlds

The Alussa leather printing solution incorporates both Agfa’s vast expertise in the field of inkjet technology, graphic workflow and colour management and TFL’s in-depth knowledge of coating chemistry and coating application techniques. A combination of the best of two worlds creating a perfect synergy between leather and ink.

The results of the cooperation between Agfa and TFL have been presented at a joint-booth at the SIMAC TANNING TECH trade fair in Milan, Italy

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