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Developing renewable leather chemicals

TFL Heads of Product Management Markus Hess and Michael Franken discuss the company’s approaches and innovations in the area of renewable sources and biobased leather chemicals.

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Bisphenol optimized syntans to achieve high leather quality

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TFL – Great chemicals. Excellent advice.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Economy has a responsibility towards society

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A facelift for leather by hiding defects

Intelligent upgrading technology for leather finishing


Leather is pure nature -
and that feels good

MAGNOPAL® Pure A – bio-polymer based on renewable raw materials

A “Pure” chemical for outstanding performances

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Main Reaction - The TFL Blog | September 2022

The Magic of Personal Interaction

Personal interaction was very rare during the last two years. Business-wise the solution was video conferencing, which worked very well and even Face-to-Face meetings could take place in some form. Nevertheless, I still believe that personal interaction cannot be replaced. Possibly, a mix of of virtual and face-to-face encounters will be the future solution as we have seen that travelling is not always necessary and some issues can also be solved online, but from time to time it is just priceless to meet in person. Read the full article

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