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We are thrilled by the industry we are working in. Chemistry is our passion and an appealing science which enables you to discover novelties every day.

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Unhairing with reduced amount of Sulfide

New soaking product PELLVIT® LSG and the new liming products ERHAVIT® LSU, ERHAVIT® LSC and ERHAVIT® LSR

Take the next step to an eco-friendly Beamhouse

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TFL Colour Trends

Autumn-Winter 2020-21

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TFL – Great chemicals. Excellent advice.

TFL Colour Trends
& Fashion Collections

TFL was presenting a Fashion Collection with new
inspiring article creations in the Global Fashion Centre in Castelfranco, Italy.

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Safe & sustainable

Chemical products supplied by TFL comply with
all major international regulations concerning
hazardous and/or restricted substances

TFL Compliance declaration (PDF, 280KB)

TFL – Great chemicals. Excellent advice.

TFL at the IILF in Chennai 1st - 3rd February 2019 More

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