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Autumn-Winter 2020-21

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TFL was presenting a Fashion Collection with new
inspiring article creations in the Global Fashion Centre in Castelfranco, Italy.

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Chemical products supplied by TFL comply with
all major international regulations concerning
hazardous and/or restricted substances

TFL Compliance declaration (PDF, 280KB)

TFL – Great chemicals. Excellent advice.


Compliant and sustainable
TFL solutions

TFL product selection to make high quality leathers
which comply with all major RSL lists and ECO labels

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Air quality in cars became one of the most important topics in the in the changing field of automotive interiors. Dive into the secrets of TFL's solution to prevent odour in car interior.


Although leather offers a natural flame protection due to its unique insulating structure, leathers treated with TFL PROTEC save lives and property by preventing fires from starting or spreading.


Tired of sweating in your favourite leather jacket? Discover how our TFL COOL TEC lowers the temperature on black leathers up to 20°C.


Take advantage of the transparent, high-gloss coating and explore our new water based top coats which can be used alone or as a glossy component to achieve the most demanding standards of fastness.


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