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Spring-Summer 2021

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A partnership to drive sustainable leather finishes market and to meet – and exceed – the needs of major leather customers around the world.


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Good defect coverage with less add-on

Finishing technology for a more natural appearance

Explore less finishing add-on in three steps

TFL – Great chemicals. Excellent advice.

Great chemicals. Excellent advice.

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We are thrilled by the industry we are working in. Chemistry is our passion and an appealing science which enables you to discover novelties every day

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Welcome to TFL’s new Colour Trends for the season Spring-Summer 2021. In this tutorial we present the colour trends for leather garment, footwear, accessories and upholstery. More

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Main Reaction - The TFL Blog | September 2019

Why do we buy the things we buy?

70% of all purchase decisions in the supermarket are spontaneous. This is due partly to our own impulsiveness but also the result of the work of marketing and sales experts who use their findings to design shops accordingly.

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