Shoe leather produced with TFL chemicals is skin friendly and free of hazardous substances like chromium and other heavy metals

TFL chemicals for Shoe leather

Leather -
the perfect material for footwear

Leather shoes are not only people’s preferred choice, but also the best in terms of comfort and protection. From the beginning, leather has provided multiple advantages to those who use it, earning a prominent place in fashion. Its flexibility in application and durability in wear are only two of many favourable characteristics. Thanks to leather everyone can purchase quality footwear with great durability. The elasticity of leather shoes makes them comfortable for walking and adapt to any kind of foot.

Additionally, leather is breathable, absorbent and porous. Thus, in low temperatures it keeps feet warm while it keeps them dry and cool in hot weather. Thus, leather shoes are the perfect solution for any season. Thanks to its versatility one can make any type of shoe from sports shoes to elegant footwear.

TFL provides the right products for any kind of shoe upper leather. Robust, thick and very tear- or water resistant or thin, lightweight leathers with optimum physical abilities. TFL offers its customers the right solutions to create materials that fit sustainable fashion footwear perfectly. Our products for shoe upper leathers comply with the highest standards regarding hazardous substances and are produced environmentally friendly.

Particularly for shoe upper leather we offer sustainable and skin friendly solutions. This is especially important for summer shoes like sandals as the material often is in direct contact with the skin. TFL WHITE LINE TEC makes TFL the pioneer of chrome-free leather technology since 1990. Ever since TFL has been committed to developing alternatives to chrome tanning for all kinds of leathers. With the introduction of the TFL WHITE LINE TEC 12 years ago, TFL has taken the lead in innovative technologies that avoid harmful substances.

The TFL WHITE LINE TEC is a system approach to produce leather in an ecological, safe and sustainable way. Furthermore, White Line Technology certified leathers are non-allergenic.

The chemicals used in the TFL WHITE LINE TEC process are:

  • Free of chromium and other heavy metals
  • Free of any harmful substances restricted by EC regulations (now consolidated inAnnex XVII of REACH) or listed in Annex XIV of REACH (substances for authorization) or in the candidate list of SVHC (substances of very high concern)
  • Free of substances which are persistent in the environment and bio-accumulate and/or biodegrade into harmful substances

The TFL WHITE LINE TEC turns the ultimate goal for all leather makers into reality: To create a unique, natural material of high quality without harmful substances that can be safely disposed of after use.

Check out further TFL technologies for sustainable high-quality leathers in this section. For example, water-based high gloss finishes or the TFL Anti-Soiling technology, which helps to avoid soil and stains on fashionable light-coloured sport or summer shoes.

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