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Sun reflective technology to restrict the rise of temperature on leather surfaces

COOL rides in the sun

Imagine riding your motorbike on a hot summer’s day and your leather suit makes the heat unbearable.

TFL has found the solution for a cool bike ride. Leather, which employs TFL COOL TEC does not absorb rays in the NIR (near infrared radiation) but reflects them instead. As a consequence especially darker surfaces will heat up much less.

TFL COOL TEC is the first technology offered to the leather industry, which is able to restrict the rise of temperature on the leather surface when coloured leather is exposed to sun radiation. The most significant effect can be reached with black and dark shades, where the temperature reduction can be up to 25° C.

Take your car for a cool ride

A car journey in an elegant cabriolet on a nice summer day is like heaven on earth, but hot car interior surfaces can detract from that feeling of freedom. Not with the TFL COOL TEC. Dark car interiors stay cool even when exposed to direct sunlight. Enjoy more relaxed driving due to appreciable thermal comfort. The reduction of the surface temperature has some other positive aspects:

  • Better ageing behaviour
  • Less cooling required by air conditioner

Dark leather treated with TFL COOL TEC reflects about 70 % of the sunlight compared to 8 % of conventional dark leather

The system is based on a sun reflective technology where energy is reflected in the invisible part of the solar spectrum. That means black COOL leathers reflect the sunlight like white coloured ones.

  • Much less heating up of dark leathers
  • The temperature on black leathers stays up to 20° C lower
  • Improved thermal comfort
  • Enables new ideas for fashion articles (lightweight black leather garment for summer designs)

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