TFL Colour Trends Autumn-Winter 2024-25

Welcome to TFL’s new Colour Trend Catalogue for the season Autumn-Winter 2024-25. In this brochure we present the colour trends for leather garment, footwear, accessories and upholstery.


Everyday life, social changes, and new realisations have set a process in motion that touches all generations for the first time through regenerative manufacturing without waste material, enabling products to be easily assembled and reused while organic materials return to the earth.

With this in mind, the fashion system, is rapidly taking action towards ensuring a low-impact on the planet.

Thanks also to the new chemical innovations for the tanning industry, involving the use of low sulfide products in the beamhouse plus pioneering solutions to stabilise collagen and creating sustainable materials that can be introduced for many different applications, such as:

  • Full grain: compact “zero break” retanned leathers with minimalised formulas for flatter leathers with a lanolin touch that can be finished with organic-based waxes and polyurethanes to create a glossy, glacé look.
  • Floaters: soft and airy. Acrylic products and cellulose add volume to bovine leathers, calfskins and buffalo hides so we can experience the comfort of outdoor style in everyday clothing and walking shoes that are comfortable to wear even with 3D designs.
  • Suede: the Nordic influence continues in suede effects thanks to the low BPS/BPF syntans that guarantee sustainability while complying with the ECHA restrictions; a brilliant shine for warmer colours, and compact fibres, for a soft vintage look.
  • Sheepskin and goatskin: custom thickness nappas, goatskin grain and fine grains for these raw hides, familiar solutions in the world of leather accessories. We include a more fashion-led influence featuring glossy finishes and iridescent touches in the final finishes.
  • Vegetable tanning: this is where vegetable tanning express at its best, starting with metal-free and chrome-free tanning products that produce bright natural colours and also have less impact on the environment; retanning products aim to give fibres an even softer, gentler degree of elasticity.


The TFL (R)evolution for the next Living collection blends a multitude of techniques and skills that treat leather carefully in every step of the process.

Nowadays it is normal for chemists, biologists, engineers and designers to join forces and at TFL they have helped in countless ways to perfect this new trend that divides the home into different areas where leather can play a leading role.

  • Kitchen: this is the hub of any home but forget any nostalgic ideas from the past as the kitchen is now catapulted into the 21st century with a miscellany of materials. This mix showcases leather on seating that is soft to the touch and saturated in colours with myriad earth-inspired matte finishes.
  • Hallway: the maxim here is pure pattern. Natural leather or pigmented splits are transformed in to coverings with geometric grains featuring a vintage look or brushed effects in the ivory white typical of paraffin waxes. Leather walls in country homes crystallise with micro grains reminiscent of padded vegetable-tanned kipskin.
  • Dining: an essential element in every home for social gatherings both indoors and out. The on-trend solution is extendable and leather with a milled effect warms the ambience without losing any of its stainproof and water-repellent performance.
  • Living: companies focus on padded furniture to ensure a sense of “relaxing escapism”. Favourites include brightly coloured nubuck on chrome-free retanned leathers or buffed bovine leathers with waxed worn effects on the tops for all soft curved sofas. Matte floaters with micro grains and full grain for all modular sofas where you can appreciate the softness of leathers in voluminous hand-finished cushions and external structures with innovative embroidered matelassé.
  • Bedroom: footboards and capitonné backrests feature the finest nappas glowing with cool colours shimmering with silver, while pink and pastel orange shades make wardrobe doors and comfy headboards more sparkly.
  • Outdoors: just like textiles, leather is also experiencing an exciting technical revolution for the seating and upholstered furniture we use outdoors: thanks to the new wet end and finishing solutions created by TFL, waterproof, stainproof, washable leathers and removable covers are now all available in expansive ranges of light-resistant colours.

Leather article trends for the season Autumn-Winter 2024-25

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Fashion designer and leather expert Emanuele Zamponi introduces the article trends for the upcoming Spring-Summer season.

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