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PURE – TFL Renewable Chemistry

Fossil fuels, such as mineral oil, are the source of petrochemicals that industrial companies have transformed into versatile and valued materials for modern life, including chemicals for leather production. However, these are based on finite resources and result in, for example, CO2 emissions. Sustainability is no longer a trend it is a necessity. TFL has taken a leading position to develop and

supply the leather industry with new products containing renewable sources of infinite supply and greater sustainability and thus hugely beneficial for the environment. This initiative directly contributes to making leather the ultimate sustainable material!Renewable biomass is processed and modified by a variety of techniques to produce performance chemicals. Do not think that coming from nature we have made any compromises! These new chemicals can fulfill the toughest standards that are requested by tanneries for all kinds of leather from high fashion to high performance. This involves mainly natural oils and proteins etc., derived from plant origins and/or byproducts from the food industry.

Bio-based products in leather manufacture

Leather is a modern, sustainable material

Raw hides and skins are 100 % renewable, and our goal is to produce leather with the highest possible bio-based carbon content. The selection of wet-end & finishing products is essential and will determine the final bio-based content of the resulting leather article. As a result, a finished leather using TFL Pure range products can consist of up to 90 % bio-based carbon content! Leather is pure nature – and that feels good.

Many TFL products have a high bio-based content. All products containing ≥ 50 % renewable raw materials are named “Pure”. Using “Pure” products in your recipe will turn your leather into a modern, sustainable material.

“Bio-based products are both commercial and industrial products that are composed in whole, or in a significant part of biological products or renewable domestic agricultural materials of forestry products.”

TFL mission:
By delivering real added value, through our genuine bio-based products and services, customers around the world are considering TFL their partner of first choice. We will continue to invest into R&D to enlarge our bio-based product offering – stay tuned, there is more to come!

TFL Pure products for...

... Wet-End and Finishing

We have grouped together under the “Pure” name all the products that contain from 50 % up to 100 % of renewable raw materials (according to DIN EN 16785-2). This makes it easy for our customers to select the most appropriate bio-based products.


  • BAYKANOL® Pure Dyeing auxiliaries
  • CORIPOL® Pure Fatliquoring
  • LEVOTAN® Pure Softening polymers
  • MAGNOPAL® Pure Wet end polymers
  • SELLASOL® Pure Retanning auxiliaries


  • AQUADERM® Pure Base PUDs for Base Coats
  • AQUADERM® Pure Top PUDs for Top Coats
  • RODA® Pure CASI Casein based Pigments
  • RODA® Pure Cation Luster Cationic Casein Binders
  • RODA® Pure Compact Base Coat Compounds
  • RODA® Pure Feel Feel Additives
  • RODA® Pure Fill Fillers & unbound Dullers
  • RODA® Pure Ground Pregrounds
  • RODA® Pure Lac Nitrocellulose Emulsions
  • RODA® Pure Luster Casein Binders
  • RODA® Pure Mod Other Auxiliaries
  • RODA® Pure Nappa Soft Fillers
  • RODA® Pure Oil Oils
  • RODA® Pure Pull Up Pull Up Oils and Waxes
  • RODA® Pure Top Top Coat Compounds
  • RODA® Pure Wax Waxes

Bio has become predictable

TFL is able to determine the amount of renewable chemistry. The TFL bio-calculator works with drop-down menus from which TFL products can be chosen. Depending on the ratio of bio versus non-bio the total renewable content of the recipe is calculated. With the knowledge about the bio content of the recipes, TFL can predict the bio-based carbon content of the resulting leather. Please get in touch with our sales representatives to boost the bio-content of your recipe and get it calculated.

Bio Index Calculation of Chemical Products with TFL PURE TEC

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TFL's Finishing expert Roberto Borgia explains how the bio index calculation with TFL PURE TEC works and why it's the ultimate way to create the perfect manufacturing results in terms of sustainability and quality.

Background information on TFL PURE TEC

TFL's Head of Product Marketing Markus Hess shares his thoughts on the brandnew TFL PURE TEC which includes products based on renewable resources.

Leather evaluation featuring MAGNOPAL® Pure A

Florian Döppert, our Wet-end screening expert at TFL shows the performance and the results of the bio-polymer MAGNOPAL® Pure A on various leathers.

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