Leather upgrading –
A facelift for leather

Leather is vain. Leather aims for perfection. How? By having its unique naturalness highlighted while meeting today’s strict demands on look, performance and economic feasibility. Unfortunately, conventional finishing practices are very often incapable of combining all these ambitious goals – not least because of leather’s natural imperfections.

This is why EUDERM® X-Grade technology was developed and has been steadily improved – for hiding small and medium-sized grain-side defects that significantly lower the final product’s commercial value. EUDERM® X-Grade products can be used either as the main component in up-grading prebottoms or as auxiliaries in base coats. It all depends on the final product, or the degree of damage that needs to be blended in.

Small pinholes or deep scratches, splits, full grain or corrected grain leather: The EUDERM® X-Grade technology offers finishers added-value solutions for leather. So why not give your leather an attractive, cost-effective facelift!

More natural looking leather with less add-on

EUDERM® X-GRADE – How you benefit

  • Uniform grain pattern over the entire surface
  • More natural-looking corrected grain leather
  • Greatly improved upgrading results despite fewer loading finishing layers
  • Higher added value through upgraded leather
  • Optimized cutting yield through higher proportion of full grain leather available for use, ?Lower finishing costs through reduced material consumption


Upgrading technology
for individual problems

The secret of EUDERM® X-Grade’s upgrading success is based on the intelligent integration of microcapsule technology into well-balanced binder and auxiliaries’ matrixes. The technology behind it is certainly sophisticated and makes individual solutions to individual problems possible.

Application fields

Whether applied by well-established methods such as roll coating (direct or reverse), air, HVLP or airless spraying, the EUDERM® X-Grade technology covers up small and medium-sized hide defects, as the photos on the right demonstrate. Unlike common finishing systems, EUDERM® X-Grade upgrading products maintain their filling capacity after drying, resulting in an excellent covering of the defects, which in turn leads to a significantly improved cutting yield.EUDERM® X-Grade finishing technology is particularly suitable for all kinds of leather articles, and in particular automotive, furniture and shoe upper leather. It is applied in prebottoms and/or base coats in combination with conventional base coat products.

Outstanding results

EUDERM® X-Grade technology eliminates defects like pinholes or cuts with astonishing success. By upgrading leather using this technology, tanneries can profit from a significant increase in cutting yield and an enhanced embossing pattern obtained with less loading finishing layers.

The EUDERM® X-Grade Process

1. EUDERM® X-Grade eliminates small or medium-sized hide defects.

3. The leather acquires a smooth, uniform surface after buffing.



  • For split leather and corrected grain leather with excellent buffing properties.


  • For full grain leather with enhanced adhesion properties.

EUDERM® X-Grade Soft

  • Transparent upgrading system with excellent adhesion properties, particularly for soft full grain, snuffed, aniline or pigmented leather. The product results in very soft leather articles with natural milling pattern. It reduces the amount of applied base coats and does not overload the grain.

EUDERM® X-Grade BGS (mainly for China)

  • For upgrading of elegant and more natural corrected grain articles with lighter finishes. All X-GRADE products for upgrading show excellent hiding power.

2. Grain-side defects are completely filled through the EUDERM® X-Grade covering.

4. Original imperfections in the leather are no longer visible after finishing.

Base coat


  • Single filler auxiliary for all kinds of base coat formulations with excellent coverage, print retention, cut through resistance and flex properties.

EUDERM® X-Grade MP 2

  • Developed for upgrading all kinds of pigmented leathers, this product develops its filling and upgrading power through the expansion of incorporated microcapsules when heat is applied during plating and/or embossing; this expansion capacity leads to improved yield and a more uniform embossing pattern with grain side.


  • Highly concentrated upgrading auxiliary for the use in pre- and base-coats. The expansion takes place when heat is applied during plating and/or embossing at temperatures between 90-120 ° C.

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