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TFL is producing speciality chemicals for the leather industry and related industries on a global scale. TFL offers innovative products and solutions to tanneries, leather processing companies, coaters and other industries, always striving to introduce innovative chemicals and application methods to the market. Our business activities comprise of the development, production and marketing of specialty chemicals such as tanning agents and dyestuffs, which enable our customers, to create an attractive final article.

Our industry experts are serving customers in their daily business; we understand their thinking, needs and every day-challenges. Our deep knowledge in application technology allows us to add value to their final articles.

Often our business partners are a source of inspiration and together with them we bring innovations to reality. Working hand in hand generates new ideas and uncommon solutions, helping us in developing technologies that exactly meet the requirements of the market. In that way we are creating unexpected business opportunities for our customers and for other partners in the value-added-chain.

TFL stands for courageous and passionate people. We believe in what we do and love the fascinating material leather. We are proud on our experienced Sales Force who provide excellent advice to the leather and non-leather market making the life of our business partners a little easier – day by day.

We are committed to excellence and produce products we can be proud of, from best available raw materials.

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TFL provides innovative approaches for every step of the leather making process, from Beamhouse right through to Finishing. Based on our understanding of the chemistry of leather making, we are able to develop best in class solutions for a tanner’s or a coater’s daily life. We are committed to excellence and make products we can be proud of, from the best raw materials available. Buying at TFL, means to be one step ahead of the competition. TFL is developing great chemicals with a team of experts in Research & Development that are highly skilled in both chemistry and the technology of leather making. This is one of the reasons why our products are workable solutions and add value to the final leather article.

TFL offers a comprehensive range of Beamhouse products providing the required effects such as making the collagen structure accessible for subsequent tanning agents (like our famous TFL OROPON® range) for degreasing, unhairing, removal of dirt, supporting chrome tannage as well as a full range of products for chrome-free tanning. In the Wet-end TFL delivers best in class fatliquors, polymers and synthetic tanning agents to determine the final character of the leather in terms of touch, softness, tightness, physical properties and technical specifications like fastness and emission behavior or odour.

Moreover, we provide a full range of Dyes and pigments that enable our customers to give their end articles enhanced effects regarding fastness and migration and visual effects like brilliancy. We are offering a wide range of standard colours as well as fashion colours.

Our Finishing and coating solutions contribute to the value of the leather in terms of upgrading, protection from stains and scratches, final touch and offer a high durability that is prolonging the life cycle of the final product. For that purpose we offer 1200 products globally available and on top 600 chemical solutions tailored to local conditions and requirements.

Today innovation goes hand in hand with environmentally-friendly product developments. An ecologically compatible product portfolio and sustainable production processes are not a question of image. They are of vital concern for the future of our industry. It is our responsibility to operate in a way that is compatible with the best ecological and environmental practices. We are constantly enhancing our products as well as our processes in order to always act in accordance with all major legal requirements such as REACH, MRSL and emission requirements from customers and brands. In addition, TFL is member of the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) programme fully complying – with the complete product range, with the strict standards set by the initiative, which became a major reference in the industry.

Our researchers are in regular contact with the authorities, non-government organisations and auditing institutes in order to secure the safe handling and marketing of chemicals. In that way we provide our customers the certainty to use them in their processes and the accruing leather keeps its natural character. TFL is actively contributing to all major associations and initiatives in the industry and related industries such as IULTCS, ETAD, TEGEW, LWG, Leather Naturally etc. Moreover TFL is present at all major industry fairs and events.

We have the highest demands regarding our advice and are committed to provide excellent expert advice.

Best in class guidance.

We accompany our customers
beyond expectations

We believe that a complex manufacturing process needs instructions to unfold its full potential. With our deep knowledge in leather making, we deliver the desired effects on leather with a sound product and process. TFL offers technical solutions to challenges a tannery faces every day. We understand the thinking and needs of tanners, coaters and leather manufacturers and have the technical know-how to consult them in an outstanding way. With TFL our business partners can count on excellent advice anytime and anywhere.

TFL has an active presence in 90 countries aided by numerous exclusive agents and distributors who are able to assist and advise our business partners in their premises or via own local application centres. These centres are used to efficiently transfer knowledge within the company but also for tailor-made customer workshops and innovation projects. We are able to work with our customers’ material and help them to run trials in a realistic environment. During this process our partners benefit from our remarkable application understanding and appreciate our valuable advice in pushing our products to their highest efficiency while using them in the best combinations right from the beginning.

In Castelfranco, Italy, the centre for fashionable leather goods, TFL operates a brand new Global Fashion Centre, which is dedicated to the design, production and permanent exhibition of leather collections according to the latest fashion trends. In the premises also classic articles representing the Italian tradition in shoe manufacturing and leather collections inspired by the most innovative technologies applied are shown there to the tanning industry. In the renewed facilities TFL is hosting corporate events on a regular basis as well as technical workshops and presentation of chemical innovations linked to the world of fashion. But there is also space for individual customer developments and we are happy to welcome business partners for joint-developments of leather articles.

TFL’s broad knowledge in the leather manufacturing process does not only serve to develop best application technologies together with our customers; it is also beneficial to our products at a very early stage. It is the basis for our Research and Development activities and manifest in our market-oriented products. Only the technical know-how of a leather expert enables us to develop products that exactly meet our customer’s requirements.

We have the highest demands regarding our advice and are committed to provide excellent expert advice.

We give you peace of mind knowing with TFL technology you are playing on the safe side.

Passionate all over.

If better is possible,
good is not enough

We are thrilled by the industry we are working in. Chemistry is our passion and an appealing science which enables you to discover novelties every day. We love the material leather and like to face the specific characteristics of the industry as chances.

Our vision is to provide the end consumer a beautiful and sustainable leather article with a long lasting product life cycle. We would like that the consumer is able to enjoy his product with peace of mind knowing that everyone in the supply chain is doing its utmost for a safe and environmentally compatible manufacturing process. Leather is a fascinating material: natural, robust, valuable, sustainable and indispensable in many areas of life. However, it is a long way from the raw hide to a leather jacket or an automotive interior. On this journey, we accompany and consult our customers in the best possible way. We are never satisfied with the obvious and want to achieve chemical and technical solutions for the benefit of the consumer. We are deeply committed to this goal and every TFL employee is dedicated to finding excellent results in his field of expertise.

The industry continuously faces new challenges; particularly in the shoe and garment segment leather is often substituted with other materials. Leather has to point out the material‘s strengths: durability and longevity. The world of fashion is also changing fast and all players need to find ways to become more efficient and economic. Leather is an individual material and every piece is unique, but it is then industrially produced. One main challenge is the distribution and the guidance of an industry in regards to the use and application of chemicals and in the marketing of an article with a lot of technology inside. Our industry is undergoing major changes and it needs courageous companies that know and like their craft and are also willing to accept new challenges and adapt oneself for the benefit of the product.

These challenges we love. The pleasure we have in what we are doing is perceptible in all dealings with our business partners. From this experience our customers benefit constantly. We stand for what we believe in and that is a sustainable outstanding leather article with advanced TFL technology inside.

We give you peace of mind knowing with TFL technology you are playing on the safe side.

A reliable partner for you.

Working hand in hand
with our customers

Our customers inspire us to generate new ideas and help us to develop products that even exceed their expectations. The close collaboration with our business partners is one of the cornerstones of our successful business. We listen carefully to their requirements. And our deep knowledge of application technology enables us to develop the right technical solution for their everyday challenges. We are aiming to surprise our business partners and enthuse them with our results – knowing with TFL technology they are playing on the safe side.

TFL wants to be a great partner not only to our business partners, but to the industry as such. We are active in the industry’s associations and we support various programmes like the ZDHC in order to help the industry become highly regarded. We consider it as a high priority issue to push measures for a more sustainable end product and production in order to offer the end consumer the security to buy a valuable, non-hazardous and ecologically sound product.

Our products all comply with highest standards regarding hazardous substances and environmentally sound production.

A responsible business partner.

Sustainability –
a matter of course

TFL is highly committed to sustainable business processes and products that are in harmony with the environment. TFL is aiming to organise all its business processes with minimum impact on the environment. Therefore, TFL has for a long time already been focusing on renewable resources and doing its utmost to reduce CO2 emissions, waste water and the use of non-renewable energy. TFL is regularly reporting, monitoring and auditing the performance of its EHS activities in order to ensure compliance with the relevant rules and regulations and continually improves its processes. All our production sites are ISO-certified and our complete product range is REACH registered.

Our products all comply with highest standards regarding hazardous substances and environmentally sound production. In addition, we are happy to advise our customers regarding Restricted Substances Lists and how to fulfill the extraordinary low limits set by brands and consumer organisations for certain leather articles. With a lot of experience in this topic we are the right partner to develop together with our customers new ways and innovative solutions to meet these strict regulations and achieve articles that are more than satisfying for their business partners. TFL ECO Tec solutions for example offer chrome-free manufacturing, operation with a considerable reduced amount of sulfide, BOD-reduction and advanced waste-water treatment including float recycling.

Of course we do not only feel responsible towards the environment. Our employees are our most important asset. TFL develops personalities, recognized by our customers as knowledgeable, empowered and fair partners. TFL employees take responsibility for their field of expertise and commit themselves to excellence in conducting the business. Safety for our employees and partners is always of our primary concern. We encourage our employees to incorporate lean thinking and lean management into their daily work, always striving for continuous improvement. This behaviour becomes manifest in improved efficiency and enhanced availability of our services.

TFL is a good citizen who respects local and international laws and regulations. We maintain an open communication policy with our business partners, neighbours and local authorities.

We bring a smile to your customer‘s face.

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