Scotchgard™ - Leather is looking good longer

Luxurious leather articles deserve the best protection!

Wearing a suede or double-face coat in the rain or sitting on a smooth comfortable nubuck sofa requires trust in the protection of your most valuable goods.

Increasing numbers of companies have understood the necessity of easy maintenance and "easy care" to promote their products at the consumer level. What is better than wonderful apparel, machine-washable with lasting protection against stains?
Nowadays "peace of mind" concepts are becoming more & more important and respected buying factors by the end user.

With Scotchgard™ leather protector we can offer this “peace of mind” to our customers and the end consumers. Apart from that, Scotchgard™ offers the following benefits:

  • Excellent water, oil and stain resistance. Scotchgard™ protects from the adverse effects of spilling food & beverages as well as exposure to rain.
  • Invisible protection. The final article keeps its touch and appearance as Scotchgard™ preserves the feel, look and natural softness of the leather.
  • Retained breathability. The leather remains permeable to water vapour, thereby retaining a high level of wearer comfort.
  • Best price-performance. Their unique composition ensures that the Scotchgard products offer the highest and most durable oil, water and stain resistance on the market, and despite their high concentration, our competitive pricing means that the customer gets the very best value for his money.
  • Branding opportunity. Scotchgard™ leather protector adds value to your leather as it is a brand with 50 years of leadership for protective treatments. Use of the products also offers wide labeling possibilities.

The necessity of leather surface protectors for the industry and consumers

The leather articles that are the most appreciated are often made of leathers which are the most sensitive to soiling and staining during casual and professional use. In the case of footwear, apparel and furniture, it typically includes nubuck and suede, which are also known as vulnerable leathers.

Therefore, these leathers need excellent protection. TFL presents the solution for outstanding protection: as official distributor for Scotchgard™ Protector for Leather. Scotchgard™ Protector for leather helps keep leather looking good longer by retaining oil and water-based spills on the surface, which simplifies cleaning. The natural qualities of leather like look, feel and breathability remain unchanged.