Compliant and sustainable
chrome-free TFL solutions

TFL product selection to make high quality leathers which comply with all major RSL lists and ECO labels

  • Free of harmful substances restricted by EC regulations (Annex XIV and XVII of REACH)
  • Free of substances of very high concern (candidate list of SVHC)
  • Free of substances which are persistent in the environment and bio-accumulate and/or biodegradable into harmful substances

Chrome-free leather solutions by TFL – processing in an ecological and sustainable way

TFL is the pioneer of chrome-free leather technology for automotive leather manufacturers since 1990. In the meantime, and due to the potential risk of chromium VI formation in accessories, there is an increasing demand for metal-free shoe upper & leather goods articles.

The majority of chrome-free leathers today are pre-tanned with modified glutaraldehyde and, although glutaraldehyde (GA) is considered a hazardous chemical, it can be handled in a safe way in order to eliminate risks to workers, consumers and the environment:

  • GA is a reactive molecule and the reaction is completed by basifying after the pre-tanning step, resulting in excellent exhaustion.
  • Any possible residual GA will react with proteins present in the processing float, without impacting the efficiency of waste water treatment.
  • GA pre-tanning does not contribute to free aldehyde readings in the final leather and there are no hidden post-reaction effects in later process steps, or in the product life cycle.

SELLATAN® LI-G Liq - your state of the art pre-tanning solution

Pre-tanning based on modified glutaraldehyde is the most efficient tanning chemistry to turn collagen into leather. TFL has therefore developed SELLATAN® LI-G Liq with the following features & benefits:

  • GHS label classification and storage obligation remains unchanged after March 1st 2018
  • Reduced GA odour during the pre-tanning process improves workplace health and safety
  • Excellent penetration and distribution throughout cross-section – even on full substance pelts
  • High efficiency leads to an excellent exhaustion of residual GA
  • Slow drying out of wet-white with good wetting back behaviour

The exclusive product portfolio

TFL has been continuously fine-tuning its technical solutions in order to meet the increasing demand for chrome-free leathers.

SELLATAN® LI-G Liq - the state of the art pre-tanning agent

  • Provides an excellent balance between pre-tanning effect and an optimum glutaraldehyde offer.
  • Typical aldehyde smell during application is substantially reduced.
  • Does not require the skull and crossbones pictogram or the classification “toxic if inhaled”.

TANNESCO® CPR Liq - the highly masked zirconium complex

  • Capping agent, pre-tanning and re-tanning agent.
  • Positive impact on physical strength, substance control, perspiration fastness and COD effluent loading.

TANNESCO® FC - the special aluminum chemistry

  • Tanning and basifying in a single product.
  • Snow white, non-yellowing articles for small skins, lime split hides and splits.
  • Pre- and/or re-tanning agent to achieve excellent grain tightness with full and brilliant shades.

SELLATAN® WL-W Liq - the replacement tanning agent

  • Meets the latest industry requirements concerning the quantity of residual monomers, such as formaldehyde and phenol.
  • Improves the shaving of wet-white when used in the pre-tanning.
  • Leathers with a fine, tight grain and even milling pattern can be produced.

MAGNOPAL® IPF - the innovative polymeric fillig agent

  • Pronounced selective filling.
  • Low weight character.
  • Excellent Eco/Tox profile, adding no free formaldehyde to the leather.
  • ‘THE’ filling agent for FOC articles in the pickle and/or re-tanning steps.

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