Requirements in the garment segment are steadily increasing, as exemplified by the demand for washable leather, mixtures of leather with other materials, prevention of leather adhesion and avoidance of heat build-up. TFL offers the right products and complete solutions to fulfil these various requirements.

COOL dyes for hot weather

Leather is very much appreciated by consumers as fashionable and luxurious. Leather is also known as a material that retains its value and which is very durable. However, some people can become uncomfortable in leather garments under warm conditions. TFL has developed the COOL technology: the first system offered to the leather industry which is able to restrict the rise of temperature in leather garments. More


Luxury leather goods deserve the best protection. TFL is the official distributor of ScotchgardTM Protector for leather. ScotchgardTM Protector for leather is a unique treatment for a variety of leathers. With Scotchgard, leather items become cleanable, more durable and just stay looking good longer. More

Product Highlights

TFL is happy to present here some of its product highlights for Garment Leather.