Corporate Social Responsibility

We at TFL strongly believe that economy has a responsibility towards society. As a globally operating company we particularly get insights into parts of the world where people are less privileged and live in poverty, desperation and fear.

That’s why TFL has been involved in social initiatives all over the planet for many years. A current example is CHORD, an non-profit organisation in India with the mission to enable every child school education and fight child-labour.

Initiatives supported by TFL:

CHORD, India

"TFL Quinn India pvt. Ltd. has been our most valued CSR partner for the past 8 years. Be it infrastructural needs, educational costs, imperative needs, and food & nutrition support for our children. TFL Quinn has been at the forefront when it comes to donating generously every year as part of their CSR mandate." More


The Pro-Biblioteca Project aims to encourage reading among the population while using the collections of public, school and community libraries in the country. More

AVSI People for development, Italy

AVSI, a non-profit organization founded in 1972, implements development and humanitarian aid projects in 38 countries, including Italy. More

APAE de Teutônia, Brazil

APAE de Teutônia is an institution whose mission is to promote the development and inclusion of people with disabilities in society. More


"In November 2021, the book “Nas Águas da Aventura- Rio dos Sinos” was released. An interactive work by the author Athos Beuren aimed at children and teenagers. The contribution of TFL was essential for the realization of this cultural proposal with a literary, educational and environmental bias. More than 5,000 children are estimated to have benefited with this project." More