TFL Anti-soiling

The solution to keep your car seat bright and clean

Less staining – improved cleanability

Car interiors are becoming more and more individualised and designers have increasingly selected leathers in light colours, such as off-white, light-grey and beige and combined with a high degree of matting. It is exactly these kinds of leathers that are of high concern regarding their tendency to get soiled:

“Soiling can be considered the single biggest reason for claims on car leather“

OEM manufacturers have responded by creating numerous soiling tests, such as:

  • BMW staining behaviour and cleanability (AA-0419)
  • Toyota stain resistance test (TSL5101G)
  • Jaguar Land Rover soiling test (TPJLR 52.211)
  • Volvo soiling test (85000145)
  • Volkswagen soiling behaviour (PV 3968)

How to make your leather seats look good, for longer?

Nature demonstrates the importance of surface morphology for TFL Anti-soling / self-cleaning(“Lotus-effect”). In leather finishing we have to avoid sharp silica particles with porous, cavity-like surface structures which attract soil and dirt tobe deposited in the top layer.

It’s all about surface morphology!

New surface morphology design to reduce top coat roughness

RODA® Fix 5040 Dull combined with RODA® Car Dull 92/N are providing a smooth, continuous film - the perfect top coat layer for easy care features. But only the addition of carefully selected touch modifiers makes the top coat system work. RODA® Feel SR 5086; RODA® Feel S 5796; RODA® Feel S 768/N complement each other and provide excellent anti-soiling results when applied in three separate top coat layers.

Volvo soiling test (85000145)


  • 1000 cycles
  • Load 795g
  • Textile: EMPA 128


  • After soiling: 4/5
  • (Datacolor ISO 105 A03)

Hand cleaning

  • RODA® Clean 01


  • After 24h resting and cleaning: 5 (Datacolor ISO 105 A03)

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