TFL products have the power to reduce weight by at least 20% while keeping physical values intact

TFL chemicals for Automotive leather

The road to lightweighting

Sustainability and eco-friendly production have become major criteria for automakers, however, definitions vary. One finding is, that lighter cars could reduce greenhouse and CO2 emissions. So the question is in what way lighter car interiors might contribute to a lower vehicle weight.

Light weighting strategies have been implement by carmakers since the 1970s, however, market forces have limited their impact so far. Nevertheless, if one knows that a reduction of 10% in vehicle weight reduces the petrol consumption of passenger vehicles by 5.6% and by 6.3% of commercial vehicles, the importance of a lighter vehicle weight becomes quite clear. This is also important for electric cars, where a weight reduction of 10% leads to an increased battery autonomy of 13.7%.

Thus, huge efforts are being made by the automotive industry’s R&D to lower the vehicle weight. There are two approaches to compensatory weight saving: light weighting by material or by design.

Materials-based light weighting evolve continuously. Polymers replace conventional materials, while high-end manufacturers like McLaren extend carbon-fibre structures into the cockpit.

Nonwovens, materials that combine synthetic or cellulosic fibrous constituents without weaving, are increasingly pertinent to automotive interiors. Nonwovens are tailormade delivering specific properties such as liquid absorption or air permeability (breathability), thus competing with leather seat covers.

Fortunately, TFL has developed an outstanding approach to comply with light weighting market demands. It uses a polymer based as a single retanning agent: MAGNOPAL® BP. This technology has the power to reduce weight by at least 20% all the while keeping physical values intact (tear strength). It provides excellent fogging values, emission and smell properties. Also the product is imparting a remarkable tightening zero-break effect on overall leather surfaces. This novel technology enables automotive leather producers to make premium leathers that meet the industry’s latest challenges. TFL takes you on a lighter ride, with great chemicals and excellent advice.

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