Less reflection and lower transmission for a deeper black

The challenge

Achieving deep black on suede and nubuck leathers requires a high offer of dyestuff and elaborate dyeing technologies. High amounts of dyestuff can reduce fastness properties and strong fixation may cause a dry, unpleasant touch.

The Solution INVADERM® DB is the colour intensifying agent based on an emulsion of optically-active polymers. Without adding high amounts of dyestuff, INVADERM® DB lifts your black shade to a new level of intensity without reducing fastness properties. Additionally, INVADERM® DB works as a touch modifier, providing a shiny nap with a smooth and silky handle.

How does it work?

Absorption and reflection of light depends the colour intensity – the lower the transmission and the more diffuse the reflected light, the deeper the shade. This effect is more pronounced on splits suedes and nubuck articles than on full grain leathers.


  • Best results on splits and nubuck leathers
  • INVADERM® DB is applied as an after treatment at the end of the dyeing process. Best applied after cationic fixation with, for example, TANNESCO® CPR Liq. Application amount is 2 – 4 % INVADERM® DB (based on dry weight)
  • INVADERM® DB performs well in regards to shade deepening and touch modification when used in a spray application in a ratio of about 1:4

Main features & benefits

  • Intensifies black mainly on split, suede and nubuck without compromising fastness properties
  • Discover a new sensational feel for all your deep black suede and nubuck leathers
  • Is used in wet-end applications in the last bath as an after-treatment, but it can also perform well when applied in a finishing step (by spray, for example)

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