MAGNOPAL IPF - The new innovative filling agent

Real intelligent lightweight filling

Filling open and loose structured hides and skins is becoming more and more important, especially in times of high raw material prices and a decreasing quality of the available hides and skins. Traditional tanning agents and fillers are far too small to fill large empty spaces in the hide structure, mainly in the belly parts and flanks.

Just landed

TFL proudly introduces a new technology: Our innovative filling solution to achieve amazing results for your masterpiece – Agent M‘s MAGNOPAL® IPF.

Discover the world of Agent M

Agent M creates magnificent results: Without changing the original tanning process it fills the hide and keeps it light as a feather. Your leather gets a lower specific weight with a greater fullness and roundness after processing with MAGNOPAL® IPF due to the extreme low-density character of this wet-end agent. The unique range of different particle sizes allows a selective filling with no post-hardening effect; therefore your leather maintains its natural properties.

License to fill

MAGNOPAL® IPF fills mainly the voids of empty structured areas and provides a selective filling more effectively than any other traditional filler. MAGNOPAL® IPF can be applied on all leather types, whether on wet-blue or on wet-white crusts. It reacts like a partial replacement of a normal retanning or fatliquoring agent and no heat treatment is needed afterwards. Your finished high-quality leather remains soft with a smooth surface.

Experience MAGNOPAL® IPF

The Agent M tools have a more positive impact on your final article than usual fillers. This filling agent is based on a newly developed polymeric material with extremely low specific weight. MAGNOPAL® IPF is free of formaldehyde and other potentially harmful substances.

MAGNOPAL® IPF – the new intelligent solution for lightweight and selective filling

Improve the quality of your masterpiece and extend the flexibility of your processes by:

  • A reduction of specific and area weight.
  • Real selective filling effect in the open and loose structures of the hide.
  • Suitable for all kinds of skins and hides from wet-blue or wet-white.
  • Partial replacement of traditional tanning and fatliquoring agents.

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