TFL Colour Trends Spring-Summer 2022

Welcome to TFL’s new Colour Trend Catalogue for the season Spring-Summer 2022. In this brochure we present the colour trends for leather garment, footwear, accessories and upholstery.


Evolution, an intrinsic part of human nature, brings with it constant change, thus, materials will change as well. Therefore, tanners will have to manufacture high-performance materialst hat feature a touch of casual adventure. In the coming Spring/Summer season, this characteristic is best embodied by nubuk, which is treated with a multitude of worn effects that are typicalfor the finest laundries and dyed with highly transparent tones. Further materials of this kind are extra-fine full-grain calfskins and lambskins finished with micro-encapsulated solutions with aceramic and scented effect and water-repellent calf splits with colours as bright as the handle is soft to the touch. They’re waterproof and easily packable so they fold up flawlessly into anypiece of luggage.

The four top travel accessories will be:
The tote bag: Made with full-grain calfskin in two-tones, unlinedand micro-perforations to educe bulk.

The duffel bag: A derivative of the baseball bag equipped withthicker leathers embossed with natural grains featuring a design reminding of the Bauhaus period.

The crossbody bag also known as bumbag: Generally made ofextra-soft napped lambskin with a self-gripping finish on thesuede side to enable folding or rolling it up. Stretch calfskin belts fit like a glove allowing the wearer to move around easily and comfortably.

The backpack: Now in a modern version equipped with a LED display so you can communicate, write and read without evenhaving to unzip or open the backpack.

Future shoe trends comprise new stilettos in glossy kid skin that are mercifully highly comfortable, sandals made from compact nappa with a mirrored polish and sock sneakers made from velvety, glossy calfskin suede mixed and matched with innovative accessories.

These new outfits require apparel leathers that seem to merge with our bodies. Colours light up like rainbows of soft powdery shades ranging from quartz pink and sugar-paper blue topistachio green and rosy coral pink. More (PDF, 2.3MB)

Predicting fashion for 2022 is anything but easy. Trends zoomby and disappear in the blink of an eye. However, nothing seems to be impossible for TFL’s research team, thus, we have tried toimagine what the future tannery will look like in 2022 or 2025.

A noteworthy area in the homeware sector is “Plant architecture”– a Korean term referring to the creation of naturalistic environments with functional plants. This leads to all kinds of variations of sustainably tanned and retanned leathers with an authentic look that fully accentuates the natural grain of thechosen leathers.

“Survival architecture” favours architectures and solutions that have an increasingly lower specific weight and that more importantly are tougher and longer-lasting. These are leathers like soft buffalo hides or ennobled European bull hides withtransferable finishes and finishes on the suede side of splits as wellas on the suede side of calfskin and buffalo hides.

“Bio-Architecture” offers a broad scope to an infinite paletteof embossed grains or micro geometries that can be adapted tomultiple combinations, roller embossing, plates and ink-jet onleathers of any thickness.

“Jolly-Interior” our concept for automotive is a functional space with car upholstery made from flexible or versatile leathers where pastel tones blend into the transparency of laminates and accessories feature solutions like quilted effects or rattan embossing. Those interiors go hand in hand with fragrant leathers to create a perfectly welcoming atmosphere. More (PDF, 2.3MB)

Leather article trends for the season Spring-Summer 2022

Fashion designer and leather expert Emanuele Zamponi introduces the article trends for the upcoming Spring-Summer 2022 season.

(PDF, 2.3MB)

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