TFL Colour Trends Spring-Summer 2025

Welcome to TFL’s new Colour Trend Catalogue for the season Spring-Summer 2025. In this brochure we present the colour trends for leather garment, footwear, accessories and upholstery.


The TFL collection for the upcoming summer season is a blend of three key elements: a rock’n’roll soul, style and craftsmanship.

The rock’n’roll soul is embodied by brush-lastingoff leathers with metallic effects featuring iridescent and dazzling tones and shades. We haven’t forgotten the world of kidskins, which are stunning this season and offer pearlescent and milled effects with intentionally wavy and three-dimensional aspects even for handles that tend to crackle.

The style is very cool across the collection from flat moccasins to sneakers and oversized mules, where even softer, more comfortable tanned and retanned leathers and we see a return to “thicker” heavier weight leather also in footwear, making a spectacular comeback by pairing leathers with textiles, synthetics and gel.

Of course, sustainability is always a priority. Nowadays tanneries are certified environmental friendly and ensure collections with a focus on a wider spectrum of optimized tanning solutions that save water and reduce chemical wastage. These advances are reflected in the leathers, which offer customers any style of tanning or finish while remaining firmly on the cutting edge of sustainability.

Leather goods have never looked or felt better. Pearly nappas on lightly milled, fine grains are making a splash in the world of sheepskin and goatskin, while this season’s calfskins opt for clothing-inspired surfaces with subtle two-tone effects. Last but not least, bovine leathers are the material of choice for ever-larger fringed tote bags made with softly draping deerskin grain nappa.


Living designer and material researchers are working hard to fulfil the modern needs because the way we are using both private spaces (homes) and public spaces (even working places) are continuously changing. The climate crisis and the impact of humans on nature are the new priorities that have a direct influence on how we create longer-lasting things and responsibly produced materials.

Working within these dynamics, tanneries in the homeware industry in every corner of the planet are committed to removing all the inessentials from leathers so that we can rediscover the essence of natural grains and volume of milled leathers we can rediscover the essence of natural grains on South American bovine leathers by applying transparent acrylics that enhance the look after milling, or the flatness of vegetable-tanned retanned solutions with a textured vibe, beautiful European calfskins, and the elegance of cerulean colours on North American calfskins.

If you step into a showroom at any state-of-the-art tannery, you can reconnect with nature as draping leathers with creamy soft handles and loose grains are the natural evolution of Mother Nature and blend effortlessly with everything from the most harmonious wooden fibres to the most austere stone surfaces.

Innovation, sustainability and, of course, beauty are the cornerstones of the upcoming collections that after three years gardening style we are now using digital architecture programmes to create a new flower-dying look on upholstery patterns. It is a revolution since artificial intelligence can create abstracted images starting from my inputs, even fancy ones. The clear dyes like the colours in paintings by Vermeer blossom into the most transparent shades, so now people can’t wait to relax on sofas with removeable nubuck covers featuring organic shapes or create novel domestic choreographies with leather pouffes that express playful fun, wit and humour.

Leather article trends for the season Spring-Summer 2025

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Fashion designer and leather expert Emanuele Zamponi introduces the article trends for the upcoming Spring-Summer season.

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