TFL Colour Trends Autumn-Winter 2023-24

Welcome to TFL’s new Colour Trend Catalogue for the season Autumn-Winter 2023-24. In this brochure we present the colour trends for leather garment, footwear, accessories and upholstery.


The painting by Roy Lichtenstein called “Study of Hands” (1980)adequately introduces the new TFL Fashion collection. The paintingmakes us reflect on how recently we have learned to not toucheach other; we know that it is a temporary measure and that we willreturn to feeling comfortable with closeness in the not-too-distantfuture: “If you touch, you live”.

Let’s shelve sterile surfaces and go back to materials that celebratecolour, warmth and protection; materials that welcome the worldand the lively energy in each and every one of us. So, bye-byework-from-home dress code with its loungewear, slippers and baggyjumpers, and hello to feeling good, looking great and a renewedsense of style, for which fashion will give us the boost we need toget back on our feet.

Textiles have already embraced this new sentiment, and nowleather is doing the same. Leather footwear mixes and matchesimpeccably with clothing featuring Victorian prints and mixes ofpatterns and bright colours, while sumptuously soft patent finisheson full-grain calfskins adorn women’s and children’s footwear.Delightfully soft bovine leathers, equally soft and supple lambskin,and goatskin with fine grain are the leathers of choice for creatingmaxi coats and trench coats in bright, glossy leather that blend inwith high-gloss nappa maxi bags.

Leather bursts into the world of stripey and pinstriped fabricsand designs with innovative glossy brush-off surfaces, that whenbrushed reveal autumn-inspired chromatic foliage, super-subtlestraight-line prints polishable on the tops with pearly leaden shadesand coppery metallic shimmers.

Infinite praise for shoppers. Women still fancy this must-haveaccessory. Coloured shoppers featuring sculpted rounded grainswith enamel effects or the uber-popular designs showcasing embossedreptile or ostrich effects with glossy glimmers on the tops.

When it comes to formal occasions, clutch bags may be smallerbut they still have room for all your party essentials. Nappedleathers embossed with an exciting choice of glazed animal-inspiredmicro-grains are all the rage, while clutches are more rigid andembellished with monograms and multicoloured accessories.

Boots are another must-have for the winter season, especially tubeboots and equestrian-styled riding boots. We shouldn’t forgetabout the lining in bags and boots, as linings need to perform justas well as the leathers used for uppers and the exteriors of bags, sothe focus is also on anti-ageing effects, anti-soiling solutions andnaturally the handle. More (PDF, 3.0MB)


Never before has the Living collection for home and offices buzzedwith as much colour as it does for the coming winter season.Brimming with bold, vibrant and clean shades, the leather coloursare more realistic and embody the colour spectrum of light. Thispaves the way for a wider array of tanning solutions, such aschrome, chrome-free, metal-free and synthetic-vegetable, evenfor the furnishings sector that so often favours chrome.We begin our journey by looking at one of the most importantfactors worldwide: the pervious nature of homes and offices toglances from outside and activities from within. We prefer projectsconveying transparency and luminosity that take the inside outsideby throwing open windows and doors. So, with this in mind, allleathers should “quietly” become part of a universe of other rawmaterials, enabling them to blend in with all the new organicforms, thus enthusiastically endorsed by architecture studios.

Pure vegetable-tanned leathers and their alternatives are selectedfor their appreciable thicknesses, such as 2.6 / 2.8 mm, cleancolours, water repellency and most of all for their flexibility. We seethis in the new designs that are interwoven “by hand” to createa composite web, capable of supporting skeletal seating that isso elegant and stylishly imbued with soft pastel tones of sky blue,salmon pink and the all-essential cognac, that it almost becomesone with the surrounding interiors.Within this quest for transparent yet functional solutions, bovineleathers and calfskin are mostly vegetable tanned and placed sideby side with real wood. Tinged with hues of larch, oak, beech andcherry wood, they blend in harmoniously and create dovetailedgeometric surfaces and seamless shades of colour.For leather to be on the same wavelength as all other natural materials,it must opt for high performing finishes that protect it fromthe everyday use at home and at the workplace. Napped finisheswith a faintly pull-up handle are more desirable than satiny looks ormatte effects with a waxy or subtly worn feel. Not only in Finishing,but in TFL’s whole chemical range there is a great focus on productsconsisting of renewable materials.

In addition to the pursuit of style and practical comfort, we shouldalso explore the intimate comfort provided by leather, and especiallyhow we use it throughout the world of padded furniture,which is now curvier than ever, to create a kind of warm envelopingembrace that intensifies the familiar feeling. Nubuck and all versionsof scratched, satiny or sanded finishes epitomise this betterthan any other article. Retanned leathers with stretchy handles inunderstated colours, such as aquamarine, stone grey and powderpink are also enhancing such a warm feeling. More (PDF, 3.0MB)

Leather article trends for the season Autumn-Winter 2023-24

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Fashion designer and leather expert Emanuele Zamponi introduces the article trends for the upcoming Autumn-Winter 2023-24 season.

(PDF, 3.0MB)

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