TFL Colour Trends Autumn-Winter 2025-26

Welcome to TFL’s new Colour Trend Catalogue for the season Autumn-Winter 2025-26. In this brochure we present the colour trends for leather garment, footwear, accessories and upholstery.


Through our extensive experience, we’ve gained a deep insightinto the remarkable and ever-evolving world of chemicals in theleather industry. It’s clear to us that innovation and high-qualitychemical formulations are essential.

Just look at the changes in footwear preferences in recent years,particularly the rise in popularity of trainers for their comfortand lightness, especially their innovative soles. We’ve seen aninflux of millions of soft, lightweight, and intricately designedsoles in a variety of colors that embody a futuristic aesthetic.This trend has spurred our chemical research efforts, leading usto explore novel acrylic and polyurethane polymers. As a result,our coatings and pigments now act more like filters rather thantraditional coatings, redefining the very concept of coatingitself.

Another important aspect is the concept of authenticity. Weemphasize the importance of leather being unmistakably genuine,without any ambiguity or compromise as to its true nature.

Despite its ancient origins, leather remains closely connectedwith contemporary phenomena such as social media influencersand the rise of artificial intelligence. Even within these realms,maintaining an authentic image is paramount to gaining a loyalfollowing or fan base.

Turning our attention to this season’s reigning fashion accessoryof the season, leather goods, we find a fusion of feather effects,voluminous padded designs, and a harmonious interplay ofcolor and embossing, all of which prioritize comfort alongsidediverse handle options.

Exploring handle variations, a “voile” handle encompasses drysilicones emulsified with protein, ideal for faux grain embossedfinishes on various types of leather. Conversely, a “grosgrain”handle utilizes silicones emulsified with rubbery polyurethanes,tailored for embossed grains on specific types of leather. Forwaterproof applications, a “crêpe” handle features diluted silicones,while a “taffeta” handle, incorporating carnauba-basedwaxes, achieves geometric and linear grain patterns on calfsides.

Through our ongoing dedication to innovation and authenticity,we continue to redefine standards within the leather industry,ensuring our products resonate with contemporary trends whilemaintaining the timeless allure of genuine leather craftsmanship.


In today’s interconnected world, industries such as leatherproduction have undergone profound globalization, resulting inthe widespread movement of raw materials over vast distances.This phenomenon draws parallels with the global migrations ofpeople that have characterized recent years, prompting us toconsider the interconnectedness of material and human movement.

Our consumption habits, particularly in the areas of fashion andtravel, contribute significantly to the carbon footprint associatedwith transporting goods, especially by air. This reality can beseen in routine airport check-ins, where the correlation betweenluggage weight and CO2 emissions is unmistakable.

The architectural landscape has also undergone transformativechanges, with the trend towards open, transparent spacesinfluencing the evolution of leather products. In response,leathers have adapted, not only in terms of aesthetics but also inperformance, integrating seamlessly with different materials anddesign philosophies.

In the interiors sector, there has been a notable focus onimproving comfort and functionality. From the emergence ofplush, curved designs to modular systems offering versatility andadaptability, the aim is to create environments that encouragerelaxation and escape.

Amidst these advancements, the principles of innovation, sustainability,and aesthetic appeal remain paramount in furniturecollections. The advent of digital architecture further revolutionizesdesign possibilities, enabling the rapid generation of intricatestructures based on imaginative prompts. This innovativeapproach opens up new avenues for creativity while addressingcontemporary design challenges.