TFL Colour Trends Spring-Summer 2021

Welcome to TFL’s new Colour Trend Catalogue for the season Spring-Summer 2021. In this brochure we present the colour trends for leather garment, footwear, accessories and upholstery.


With the arrival of every new season fashion inevitably tends to crumble into a thousand superimposable memories, forming a tangled web of indistinguishable ideas. This season two distinct, unforgettable trends stand out from the rest, which are "soft nuances" and the "digital outfit".

The first features pastel colours that are high in luminosity and low in saturation. These will dictate the trends for all forms of fashion-led products. From primula yellow, powder blue and lilac to sugar-paper blue, mint green and subtler shades of pink; these pastel tones are not limited to womenswear, as we also see the men’s wardrobe dipping into a box of school-style coloured chalks, for a selection of soft shades.

Accessories will steal the spotlight across all collections by all brands. Lambskin and nubuck calfskin are the most popular for the season’s more elegant, sophisticated footwear, which features an outstandingly silky look and feel, complemented by glossy reptile-embossed leathers with dazzling pearly reflections.

The contrast between buffed leathers from all over the world and glossy marbled leather created by skilled master craftsmen or on ever-more advanced machinery, give more traditional styles of women’s footwear a fresh new look and sculpt accessories into designs that are more reminiscent of futuristic architectural wonders. More (PDF, 4.0MB)


The Millennial Generation will be immensely inspired by this clear return to a classic look and to glossy and varnished leathers, as they have never experienced these materials, grains, thicknesses or techniques.

The second theme differs drastically from the first. It denotes an even broader use of digital products across the entire fashion world that enriches items with innovative functions, such as incorporating processors into leather briefcases, backpacks or trolleys that communicate via apps with smartphones to create smart products.

It is almost impossible to successfully predict future trends in this market, but one thing is sure: leather will always be the absolute must if it can integrate these new tools with the right finishes. In a world where people are becoming more nomadic and traveling more frequently and for longer, these finishes not only need to protect leather from daily wear and tear, but also from the weather.

Leather footwear and clothing will favour comfortable, lightweight, transformable solutions and demand tanning products to support light-weight, tear-resistance and different levels of protection for futuristic sneakers and multitasking outerwear. More (PDF, 4.0MB)