Every leather product stands for passion and dedication and thinking out of the box

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The art of leather

Art has been vital to human beings from the beginning of time. Ever since the first humans have evolved, they started decorating their cave walls with primitive paintings, used plants, flowers and petals to express themselves.

Creativity is not only a resource to specially gifted people, it is an essential part of what it means to be human. Every form of learning is creative, every time a new product is developed or a new solution found – creativity has been the driving force. Art is usually thought of as a great piece of music, an overwhelming painting or a compelling story, however, there are many more places in which art can be found.

Leather making in itself may be considered a form of art. Besides technical factors, to make a great piece of leather experience, creativity and intuitive acting are always needed. Every leather product stands for passion and dedication and thinking out of the box.

So, it comes as no surprise that leather is actually used by artists and that leather and art merge beautifully. Find below a few links, worth having a look. They show how artful leather can get.

Gabriele Trillhaase
Gabriele Trillhaase is painting impressive and beautiful paintings on leather. Quite astonishing how a simple piece of skin can be transformed into something truly amazing. More

Leder Kunst Andreas Majchrzak
This is definitely not your ordinary bag. These exclusive pieces show leather’s versatility in a breath taking way. More

Art meets fashion. At Mato art becomes wearable and it’s all leather! More

Kunst & Leder
Here you can find some truly unique specimens of artful leather inspired by the wings of fantasy. More

Once more I’m taken aback by the many faces leather has. It may inspire you to magnificent pieces of art full of fantasy and dreams. Or it may be a silent companion in classical pieces of furniture, garment or accessories that transport elegance in very sophisticated manner.

Whatever it is, TFL will help you achieve your individual leather vision with Great chemicals. Excellent advice.

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