Regular cleaning with appropriate cleaning agents is a good start - but there is so much more you can do!

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How to take care of your leather article

TFL Anti-soiling keeps your leather article nice and clean. Thanks to less staining and improved cleanability even light colours and pastel shades will stay impeccable for a long time. Using the Lotus-effect as demonstrated by nature, TFL Anti-soiling is creating a surface morphology that will repel soil and dirt. However, there’s still a few things to keep in mind regarding the correct care of leather articles.

1. Regular cleaning

The leather surface should be cleaned once a week to remove dust and small dirt particles. Important: Use a soft cotton cloth. Avoid microfibres as they will harm the leather surface.

2. Use appropriate cleaning agents

Only use leather care products adapted to the kind of leather you have. Depending on the leather type (e.g. Nappa, Suede etc) different cleaning agents are required. Avoid aggressive cleaners, shoe cream or skin care products and detergents as they will harm the surface, deprive the leather of its fat and thus render it brittle. Furthermore, they may produce stains.

3. Use leather conditioners

From time to time you should apply a leather conditioner suitable for the kind of leather you own. They are available as foams, emulsions or sprays that are easily applied.

4. Position in shade or half-shade

Do not position your leather sofa in direct sunlight or close to radiators. The extreme heat in those places may speed up aging and thus render the leather brittle.

5. Be careful when wearing Jeans

Jeans often have rivets, they may damage the leather surface cause perforations or leave bruises. Also, on brightly coloured leather, there is a chance that their colour may rub off and thus leave undesirable colour stains that are very hard to remove. The same risk of colour bleeding applies to decorative cushions.

6. Enjoy your leather sofa

You have acquired a valuable sustainable product and by observing the hints above, this may remain so for a lifetime. So, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your leather!

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