Futuristic lifestyle and leather - a great combination

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Is there a future for leather?

Since the beginning of mankind leather played an important role. Leather probably came into existence through a series of lucky guesses and random findings. Had man first just let the hides dry, they turned hard as stone. Had it been stored humid, it simply decayed. Then man discovered that treating the hides with certain natural products such as tree barks and alumstone, would turn them into a soft, durable leather. This was the beginning of a true success story.

Leather stayed with mankind throughout history. With the introduction of chrome tanning at the end of the 19th century it became even more important. The new technology made it easier to produce. Leather became softer, more durable and a lot easier to be coloured. But even for a product as traditional, popular and widely appreciated as leather times are changing. Market demands are ever rising and asking for sustainable, environment-friendly and animal-friendly products. Can leather face these challenges?

Let’s have a look at the many advantages of leather. Leather is a highly sustainable material. Its durability and long-lasting performance are unbeatable. Be it shoes, a leather jacket, a comfortable sofa or a luxury car seat – leather not only lasts for many years, it even increases in attractiveness over time. Especially garment or shoe leathers adapt to the wearer with time rendering it truly unique.

"Leather exclusively combines elegance, wellbeing and usefulness unlike any other material. "

Moreover, leather is a flexible enough material to develop new features with the continuing development of the industry. Today’s leather can be made flame-retardant, breathable, waterproof and even chrome-free. Chrome tanning knows a long tradition, however, TFL – your partner for Great chemicals. Excellent advice. – takes a leap into the future with its chromium-free leather solutions .

"Today’s leather can be made flame-retardant, breathable, waterproof and even chrome-free."

Considering that any leather product will last for a very long time due to its durability, it is actually a rather sustainable product. Leather has a timeless face; a piece of leather garment may be worn at any time regardless of the current fashion. At the same time leather also comes in many trendy forms satisfying various customer needs. Its many advantageous properties make it an indispensable item of everyday life. Leather is reliable, safe and continuously evolving – so yes, there is definitely a future for leather.

Manuela, Switzerland

Blogger from passion, astrologer and in love with the product leather
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