Getting to know each other is the first and maybe one of the most important steps of bringing two companies successfully together

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Becoming part of something new while staying true to yourself

I like to compare bringing two businesses together with a couple getting married, thus, bringing two families, family cultures and habits together. Do you remember when you first met your partner's family? Everything was new and you first had to get an idea of how they look at things, what their very individual "family rules" are and how they live different traditions etc.

Basically, they do many things slightly different than you were used to do it and how you have been raised in your own family. However, the more you got to know them, the more you saw that many things were also familiar and though done slightly in another way the basis was comparable. We are all human and we like our habits and the way we are doing things. But sometimes it also pays to take on a different perspective and get an insight in how other families are doing things. Often we are able to learn something new and we may even find advantages of certain habits that we would like to incorporate into our family, too.

Yes, these are all metaphors; but I really believe that bringing together two businesses is in some way a little bit similar. Both parties are coming from different "families" with different backgrounds and habits. Both look at each other carefully, maybe even sceptical, in the beginning, both need to get to know and understand their new partners first. But looking at each other with an open mind and giving the other habit or perspective a chance, is often very beneficial for one’s own view of the world, too. In this way the advantages of both "families" are seen and taken into consideration. Often a "couple" finds a way of transferring the best of their very own traditions to their new family or way of living. With tolerance and respect for the counterpart I believe this is also feasible for businesses merging.

TFL and the leather chemicals business of Lanxess will very soon be merging into a new leading company in the leather specialty chemicals market. If we manage to meet each other with respect and open minded, recognizing "habits" and "rules" the other party is used to, I am sure that we manage to benefit from both cultures and become a truly strong company. The clue is to become part of something new while keeping your own identity, staying true to yourself, nevertheless allowing a new perspective or a new way of solving problems to change your habits for a better result. Because learning from each other is a very powerful resource – not only in a partner relationship, but also in business relationships.

Therefore, I am very excited about our combined businesses, about meeting new colleagues, encountering new methods, learning from each other, thus, making the best out of it!

Claudia, Switzerland

Marketing communication expert at TFL
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Have We Reached The End Of Globalization?

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Is Leather The Real Deal?

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The Magic of Personal Interaction

Personal interaction was very rare during the last two years. Business-wise the solution was video conferencing, which worked very well and even Face-to-Face meetings could take place in some form. Nevertheless, I still believe that personal interaction cannot be replaced. Possibly, a mix of of virtual and face-to-face encounters will be the future solution as we have seen that travelling is not always necessary and some issues can also be solved online, but from time to time it is just priceless to meet in person. (...)

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Take care during your holidays

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One Year of Integration

A lot has happened since the 1st June 2021 and the new TFL is still in the process of finding itself and to grow together as a new, successful team. This is completely natural and normal when experiencing a change – the merger of two successful companies in the leather industry - like we did last year, as change doesn’t happen within a day, it is a process that can be supported by many factors. (...)

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The Grand Tour de Cuir

Leather is the core business of TFL, but do you actually know how leather is manufactured? To fill this gap the Leverkusen Lab Team took the most pragmatic approach available, a “tour de cuir”. At regular intervals the colleagues in Leverkusen give tours around the process of leather manufacturing. From business partners to school classes, the technical staff was always able to teach everyone something they hadn’t yet known about this material. (...)

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Responsible production needs responsible buying

As of 2022, the “anti-gaspillage” law is effective in France. Approved in 2020, this pioneering rule forbids the destruction of unsold products of the fashion industry. The principle applied here is the same that already fully regulates the French national food industry, and it is definitely a campaign against waste: if you overproduce, it is illegal to destroy the remnants. The possible alternatives are either recycling the goods or donating them to charity. In any case, the idea behind it is to foster the sustainable production of goods. (...)

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5 Don'ts When Wearing Leather

Wearing leather makes you stand out from the crowd, it makes your look unique and exquisite. However, there are a few pitfalls you may want to avoid when wearing leather. So be on your guard against the following easily-made-mistakes. (...)

Main Reaction - The TFL Blog | October 2021

TFL and the IULTCS Congress 2021

From November 3rd – 5th the international R&D community of the leather industry meets again for the IIIVI. IULTCS Congress in Addis Abeba/Ethiopia. It is the every-two-years recurring event, where latest technologies and new ideas get exchanged in the field of tanning, leather machinery, environmentally friendly process changes, etc. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-situation it will be a hybrid form, which means only a small group of participants can be present, but all presentations and discussions will be available by internet access. (...)

Main Reaction - The TFL Blog | July 2021

“One leather jacket solves the coat problem for many years.”

When researching material to create a new article, I stumbled across these quotes on leather and felt compelled by them. We tend to discuss leather from a technical point of view, but these quotes go to show that leather is so much more than that. It creates memories, talks to the senses and in some cases is a companion for many years. Enjoy the read! (...)

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Why I like my vegetarian friends

I confess: I like my vegetarian friends. I like their lifestyle, the way they care for themselves and honesty I also like their food. I even like to cook for them sometimes - vegetarian, of course. Veggies are ok, but I will always fall for a charcoal grilled juicy T-bone steak. (...)

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The history of shoes

Shoes are an intrinsic part of everyday life. Be it sneakers, high heels, pumps, sandals, trekking shoes or boots – they come in any form and are used for a big variety of purposes. Also, they are a main part of fashionable and trendy outfits. However, shoes were first invented by man for protective reasons only and a lot earlier than one would assume. (...)

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Make a difference – Choose leather

Fashion is fun, fascinating, a piece of art and an intrinsic part of society. A glamorous world bringing fresh wind to everyday life and exciting new trends every season. As attractive this may seem, there is also the other side of the coin. Regarding sustainability fashion is straining this planet remarkably. (...)

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Why we need to reinvent the wheel

Working in the TFL R&D Screening department, we often see recurring topics which come on our table with stubborn regularity and want to get solved. For all those who are already some decades in this business (like me) often think by themselves: Oh no, here we go, they want to re-invent the wheel again. And here I need to pull the break, also in my own thinking. The negative taste in "don't re-invent the wheel" is so wrong! Especially if we take a look at the development of the wheel itself. (...)

Main Reaction - The TFL Blog | September 2020

Let's stay at home and go to the fair

In 2020 the world has been turned upside down. The Covid-19-pandemic has influenced all of our lives in manifold ways. Economy worldwide has to struggle with the restrictions and become creative to find appropriate solutions for the new world we are living in. Also fairs and events are severely affected by this.. (...)

Main Reaction - The TFL Blog | August 2020

Fashion is not a joke... but in the end it is fun

Twice a year TFL releases the famous "collection of articles" based on trends and inspirations gathered and developed by a group of technicians from the different countries of our big TFL world. However, TFL is a chemical company which makes this hard work very complex. (...)

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Push for Home Furniture

As bars, restaurants and public areas are closed in many parts of the world; we are all staying home this summer and enjoy our own places. We have already seen a trend of paying more attention to one’s own small world during recent years, if we think of urban gardening and an increased trend of slow food and cooking. (...)

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The end of trash

As I have described in my first blog article in June 2019,, the major discussion in the leather industry is how to become “greener & sustainable”. The Covid-19 crisis "opened the door" for the (leather) fashion industry to avoid trash. (...)

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Leather in Corona times

While writing the draft for this blog the pen I used literally fell apart (this is not made up…). It was one of those pens you get for free as promotional gifts at fairs, hotels, conferences etc. Meanwhile I got a large collection at home. This little ‘incident’ happened as we go through a crisis not seen since world war II, a crisis which may give us time to reflect what things are really important and matter and what things went wrong in the past. (...)

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Give people what they really want

I have joined TFL’s marketing communication team about fourteen years ago as a trainee. Since then our task fields, work processes and the ways we communicate have changed quite heavily. Our profession seems to be dominated by a fast pace and overstimulation. In spite of that or maybe exactly because of that, the old basic formula in marketing is more actual than ever before: “Give people what they really want.” (...)

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Back to nature

We are facing very challenging times. By "we" I do not refer to an isolated group like Europeans or Asians, by “we” I’m talking about mankind as such. We are all living with a global pandemic and many countries are being shut down and running pandemic plans. Life did change tremendously for each and every one of us during the past weeks. What are the values we can rely on during these difficult times? (...)

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A chance to learn

The new decade started it off in a rather challenging way. The leather market already being under quite some strain due to the developments during the past years, will also be affected by the Corona crisis – as the entire economy will be. Some newspaper articles already proclaim an end to globalisation, others foresee major changes in world economics. (...)

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"Leather is old-fashioned"... and some other myths

Myths are easily created, especially around things that are so familiar that people tend believe they know all about it. But more often than not, those myths are leading us in a completely false direction. Let’s have a closer look at some leather myths, because we believe that with leather you are always on the right track. (...)

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Are “vegan shoes” more sustainable?

Veganism is a practice… the practice of abstain from using animal products. Could vegan shoes be part of that practice? Vegan leather and faux leather are just two different names for the same material. They describe shoes, boots or jackets that look like leather but are made from artificial leather. No animal hides or skins are used in the production of the leather alternative. Is vegan or faux leather a more sustainable option? (...)

Main Reaction - The TFL Blog | December 2019

Something for all seasons

Chilly winds and frozen landscapes are heralding the coming Christmas season bringing with it lots of festivities and cosy get-togethers. Our homes are being transformed with beautiful decorations creating that special atmosphere that makes you somehow wish it could be Christmas every day. Find here inspiration for the ultimate christmas articles made of leather (...)

Main Reaction - The TFL Blog | October 2019

Everywhere to be found

Leather has become an irreplaceable item of our daily lives long ago. Most people associate leather with shoes, fashion, car interiors and motorcycle gangs. However, leather offers so much more and can be found in a lot more places than one may assume at first glance. Find below some examples where leather is found (...)

Main Reaction - The TFL Blog | September 2019

Why do we buy the things we buy?

70% of all purchase decisions in the supermarket are spontaneous. This is due partly to our own impulsiveness but also the result of the work of marketing and sales experts who use their findings to design shops accordingly. (...)

Main Reaction - The TFL Blog | August 2019

Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

I have been working at TFL since 2013 as a fatliquor chemist in the R&D department. During these six years with TFL, requirements for automotive leather underwent a big change which of course had a big impact on our work and development projects. (...)

Main Reaction - The TFL Blog | July 2019

How far will employees go?

Identification with the company is a very important motivation factor for employees. Also identifying with its purposes, brand and brand values the organisation stands for. Employees need to feel that they’re part of something big and meaningful in order to stay motivated and perform above average. (...)

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The art of leather

Art has been vital to human beings from the beginning of time. Ever since the first humans have evolved, they started decorating their cave walls with primitive paintings, used plants, flowers and petals to express themselves (...)

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It's a matter of survival

A couple of years ago the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in partnership with the World Economic Forum informed that by 2050 plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish and that only 14% of plastic packaging, the biggest source of plastic pollution in the oceans, is recycled (...)

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Is there a future for leather?

Since the beginning of mankind leather played an important role and it stayed throughout history although facing keen challenges over the centuries. But the challenges these days are different (...)

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Stay curious

Still curious after 35 years working with leather? Florian is telling us why he is still fascincated of our industry and how extremely far the technology went in the last ten years (...)

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"Leather-lunged"? "Hell for leather"?

Leather has played such a significant role for humans and their daily lives for such a long time, that it has even managed to invade our language. Manuela had a look into the dictionary for us (...)

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How to take care of your leather article

Regular cleaning with appropriate cleaning agents is a good start - but there is so much more you can do! Observe our hints and enjoy your sustainable product for a lifetime (...)