TFL Colour Trends Spring-Summer 2023

Welcome to TFL’s new Colour Trend Catalogue for the season Spring-Summer 2023. In this brochure we present the colour trends for leather garment, footwear, accessories and upholstery.


Comfort is naturally a priority, but we want to go back to having fun with clothes and accessories accompanying new glam looks, thus, colour-colour-colour as well as prints-prints-prints. We will lead with gamer’s bait, the trend merging the world of video-games with fashion.

“Skin” – the new acronym from the incredibly popular video game Fortnite – is a way to adopt an entirely new look. It encapsulates the many ways fashion and gaming influence each other and helps us to introduce our skin trends:

Bon Ton Rock Skin: Every imaginable form of pearlescent gloss, pearly nappas and iridescent pearl finishes on kidskin prints and calfskin with micro-deerskin grain and real ostrich. Dégradé pearlescent leathers, pearly mixed with fluorescent finishes, antique pearlescent looks with brush-off waxes, and hand-padded pearly leathers.

Silk Touch Skin: A silky voile handle for nappa that drapes like a fabric, and a satin handle for supple, rubbery calf leather sides.A grosgrain handle for milled leathers with brilliant sleek satiny tops. A crêpe de chine handle for napped finishes on buffed leathers. A taffeta handle for all embossed and boarded leathers or subtle geometric micro designs, which are then finished with a patent look.

Renewable Skin: we are working with renewable chemistry, biodegradable enzymes and proteins in wet-end, resins and fatliquors from renewable sources in finishing, in order to reinterpret even classic articles under a “Bio” concept. Leather that really appeals to vegetable-tanning fans will be the perfect stage on which to present this “Marvel” in all its glory, redesigning vegetable-tanned leather, illuminating it with new light.

Nubuck Skin: The elephant grain makes its presence felt on nubuck surfaces, adorable to the touch and translucent, making it the perfect surface when travelling for either business or pleasure. More (PDF, 2.0MB)


Calfskin, lambskin, bovine leathers and even crocodile leathers are converted into tempting things with charming finishes and a definite discernment for appearances and weights that reflect in the softness of the leathers and the aptly chosen chemicals used to ennoble them. We now would like to invite you to close your eyes and imagine that you are back in all those wonderful places reminding you of your childhood, your loved ones or holidays...

This may be:

  • By the pool: aluminum loungers covered by soft scratchproof nappa mats that are weather resistant and never fade.
  • On the veranda: crocodile-print calfskin mixes with pebbled grains in an interwoven interplay, creating pictorial geometric patterns with pigmented topcoats applied by hand to enhance the colours, reflect the sunlight and showcase skilled artisans’ meticulous handiwork and craftmanship.
  • Romantic lighting: lampshades atop leather rods, reminiscent of pick-up-sticks or the steam-bent wood on luxuriously curvy “Thonet-esque” chairs, are woven with strips of buffed bovine leathers and leather strands as shiny as silk.
  • Botanic art: flowerpots and planters made from tanning indus-try waste that dissolve into the soil when you no longer want them, so they can become one with the fresh new buds.
  • The soft vintage look: wet-white calfskin and buffalo hides, so soft and light their surfaces can be buffed, creating subtle marble-like effects that go perfectly with napped cushions made with ultrafine sandwich-dyed splits.
  • Rocking: lie back and rock in cosy hammocks made from water-repellent, stainproof nubuck-Lycra so stretchy it moulds into every imaginable position to create a heavenly cocoon effect.
  • Reassuring natural green: vegetable-tanned full-grain calfskin lightly etched with kidskin grain for tabletops that can fold away into wooden paneling to show off their reversable side finished with a crinkly nappa effect.
  • Smart-privacy: cushions embossed with reptile designs and paisley motifs, created by ultrafine transparent pigments applied with a roller, are places of pure pleasure for comfy chats that match marvelously with mega milled full-grain bovine leather sofas featuring edged stitching.
  • Back for brunch: surfaces as sleek and smooth as surfboards transformed into macro serving dishes that are so shiny and vellum-like, they look like plate glass polished to a sheen with natural waxes and polyurethanes so glossy and fine they hardly leave a trace on the surface. More (PDF, 2.0MB)

Leather article trends for the season Spring-Summer 2023

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Fashion designer and leather expert Emanuele Zamponi introduces the article trends for the upcoming Spring-Summer season.

(PDF, 2.0MB)

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