TFL Colour Trends Spring-Summer 2020

Welcome to TFL’s new Colour Trend Catalogue for the season Spring-Summer 2020. In this brochure we present the colour trends for leather garment, footwear, accessories and upholstery.


The coming Spring/Summer season is the season of jet-leisure for women and high-tech wearing for men. “Jet-leisure” covers a new phenomenon of women global-traders who share every single thing they do by posting on Instagram, every item in their impeccably chosen and designed wardrobe, and every trendy location and venue that they attend.

The trend is a fusion of idealisation and reality in which increasingly independent, self-reliant women show off architectural silhouettes of daytime footwear; soft, semi-glossy nappa interlaced designs matched with dyed natural leathers based on unlined loafers.

For trainers it’s all about beautiful designs with aesthetics and comfort in mind; with greater freedom of movement ensured by sumptuously soft nubuck that feels so light, you forget that you have anything on your feet.

The values of authenticity and artisanal craftsmanship are a must for ever-more sartorial bags made from bovine leather with elephant and elk prints.

Glossy micro-bags embossed with reptile grain are gracefully slung diagonally across the body, featuring a mix of the loudest possible colours to showcase the finest quality, full-grain calfskin.

An absolute must are the beach-mules redesigned with a deck shoe twist in a range of pastel tones on soft double-faced zebu or on Métis leathers with glove-like finishes.

Men will be uploading “Olympic” content with photos of free-climbing, marathons and cyclo-cross depicting the coolest sports.

Wanting the best possible results, they demand lightness and warmth from shoes and leather, to support footwear that combines nubuck with hyper-tech fabrics and sensors to monitor their technical sports performances.

Getting everyday formal footwear just right, is a challenge solved by using extra-light leather in classic plant-based colours, as well as sunnier tones. More


Six out of ten people around the world want eco-friendly interiors: the future of home décor now revolves around sustainability and fashion houses and homeware brands are quickly changing with the times.

What was once just a trend is now a demand that starts with the production chain: spinners, dyers, tanners, the chemical industry, and manufacturers are all teaming up to impact the environment and the lives of individual communities in the most correct and least invasive way possible.

The chemical and tanning industries must work together to streamline their processes, so they can create more product whilst generating less waste.

Likewise, designers and companies must gear their businesses towards eco-designs and create longlasting, easily reparable, and reusable products.

This tidal wave of change has also led to consumers ranking their priorities when seeking leather goods, such as leathers finished exclusively with water-based products and tanned with the least possible use of metals. This demand applies to all solutions for the office and home, such as tables, chairs and furnishings, and then explodes with a wider blast pattern to cover every possible component associated with today’s smartphones and devices.

For outdoor furnishings for homes and hotels, calfskins are increasingly more popular, interwoven or mixed with technical fibres in classic neutral tones for more formal settings and an unlimited choice of imaginative colours for younger, more dynamic design schemes. More