TFL Colour Trends Autumn-Winter 2021-22

Welcome to TFL’s new Colour Trend Catalogue for the season Autumn-Winter 2021-22. In this brochure we present the colour trends for leather garment, footwear, accessories and upholstery.


We rely on multiple concepts such as engaging, decorating, connecting, discovering, forging, adorning and celebrating to create new products and materials in which the skin is still the main protagonist.

Captivated with conceits and retanning that moisturise the skin, restoring the elasticity of the original material, the sweet toughness of the top-grain and the silky ultra sensory softness both to the touch and in European calf skin and in goat skin with a fine top-grain.

Decorated with pre-Raphaelite shades of coppery red, brown carcadé, lagoon green and dull orange,all shades of extreme character and depth. The women of the pre-Raphaelites emerge from the Victorian stereotype of tiny, childish blonde beauty to enter into stories as real figures adorned with precious stones or printed fabrics and leathers like reptiles, eels and snakes, engraved on vegetalised skins that shine even in the serene light of sunrise.

The world of leather will increasingly be shaped by today’s digital world that requires hybrid finishing and printing solutions combining the technology of three-dimensional prints with satin-finished solutions featuring optical laser effects of glassy polyurethanes and shiny caseins.

Shoulder straps made of water-repellent and printed coats with round geometric grains, travelers’ backpacks repleted with stitched or detachable pockets contrasting both in colour and texture, thus identifying the most sensitive objects are the indispensable tools for modern adventure-seekers diving deeply into nature’s challenges. Belts and multitasking bracelets in bi-colour vegetable tanning featuring a fluorescent / bright side as well as a second side with an opaque and resistant finish.

Shaping your own body with extra stretch calf skin and lamb tassels to guarantee the body and fit, total freedom of movement with a gluing system which avoids seams and does not make a single wrinkle.This high-tech elegance also draws from the world of sport which requires technical standards such as lightness, breathability, water repellency and quick drying.

At the end, we associate ourselves with adorning and celebrating, because they are terms that represent the so-called charm of the uniform. It is no coincidence that countless items of accessories born in the military universe, from the trench coat to the cardigan, from the desert-boots to the duffle coat, we then entered the history of clothing permeating every scenario of modernity, from art tomusic, from fashion to cinema. An influence that prefers structural leather, anti-aging both in full-grainsolutions and in water-repellent nubuck versions, in cobalt blue, graphite grey and chocolate brown,which frame a comfortable and elegant unisex figure with hints of couture. More (PDF, 3.9MB)


TFL, always ahead of time, answers the world’s latest demands with new collections, new collaborations, new materials, new fields of research in the speciality chemical sector. The finishing of leathers goes from litres to meters, raw materials come from renewable sources and innovative solutions that save water in the dyeing and finishing phases – e.g. osmotic injection technique – are being launched.

The fittings designed with these innovative soft and shiny leathers delude us into living in nature, from coverings in soft panels in vegetalised lambskin resembling a tobacco leaf, to water-repellent nubuck calf skin diamonds, to the finishing touches of vegetable tanned fittings – complements that radiate the light reflected in the rooms with a pleasant scent of bergamot and aloe.

Approaching, sitting down, resting your back on a log and relaxing, opens up to Silvo-therapy which is based on the ancient idea of recovering and well-being through trees. Strengthening the chromatic ties of the powder tones with full colours on chrome- free leathers.

The contrast of greased floaters with full-grain leathers with a tactile touch, due to resins andwaxes to be combined with brilliant effects of enamel-polished polyurethanes and pearly powdered dusting with silica resins, which will help in the construction of environments closer and closer to the needs of man in terms of correctness and comfort.

Future cars will be a cocoon like your own home, a living room where you can rediscover the pleasure of pastel colours in the soft full grain leathers integrated by tailored seams, nubuck anti-soiling surfaces and printed leathers with pleasant three-dimensional effects to clean and reflective tones that conceal touch solutions. More (PDF, 3.9MB)

Leather article trends for the season Autumn-Winter 2021-22

Fashion designer and leather expert Emanuele Zamponi introduces the article trends for the upcoming Autumn-Winter season.

(PDF, 3.9MB)

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