TFL & Novozymes - a strategic partnership bringing innovative and sustainable solutions to tanneries

Novozymes A/S is a global biotechnology company headquartered in Bagsværd outside of Copenhagen, Denmark. The company's focus is the research, development and production of industrial enzymes, microorganisms, and biopharmaceutical ingredients.

TFL and Novozymes A/S, a leading global biotechnology company, have reaffirmed their strategic partnership by signing exclusive agreements for continued cooperation on existing enzyme solutions and joint innovations for the leather industry.

A perfect match for our customers

Novozymes' leading expertise in enzyme technology research is ideally complemented by TFL's long-standing global expertise in leather process development.

Sustainability has become one of the megatrends also in leather production. Enzymes offer solutions to reduce waste in the tannery and optimize the production process.

The cooperation has a long-standing history

In the early 2010s, Lanxess Business Unit Leather (now TFL) started to build a complete Beamhouse product range.

From the very beginning, Novozymes was seen as a potential development partner with a high level of expertise in the enzyme technology field.

As a result, a first agreement for a closer collaboration was signed in 2012, followed by further agreements at a later stage.

As a result of joint innovation, Novozymes and Lanxess have developed the PELTEC X-ZYME® product range, an innovative technology that offers benefits beyond traditional enzymes used in the leather industry.

The leather business was spun off into TFL in June 2021 and the journey continues.

Solutions for Beamhouse processes

In the field of standard enzymes for leather processing, Novozymes and TFL are working closely together to provide state-of-the-art enzyme solutions.

The jointly developed PELTEC X-ZYME® technology offers benefits beyond traditional enzymes used in the leather industry.

This innovative technology can significantly reduce levels of chemicals, including hazardous chemicals, to an extent not previously possible with traditional solutions and substantially improves leather quality.

In particular, PELTEC X-ZYME® SN accelerates the soaking process with reduced COD levels and protects the collagen structure. To improve leather structure and grain tightness, the exclusive enzymatic opening-up process based on PELTEC X-ZYME® SLR is the cutting-edge technology. The reduction and elimination of hazardous chemicals is strongly demanded by our customers. PELTEC X-ZYME® U enables a low sulfide and even sulfide-free process for high quality leathers.

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