TFL & Dow - A long-standing relationship to bring added value to tanneries

Dow is a materials science leader committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for customers in packaging, infrastructure and consumer care

The global cooperation and distribution agreement for the natural leather industry between TFL and Dow includes the leather finishing brands ROSILK™, HYDRHOLAC™, OPTI-MATT™, PRIMAL™ and ACRYSOL™, and the wet-end processing brands LUBRITAN™ and LEUKOTAN™.

The current relationship is based on a Leather Processing Chemicals Agreement, from September 1997, originally between Rohm and Haas Company, recognized experts in acrylic technology, and Bayer AG, a leading supplier of leather chemicals such as polyurethane dispersions for finishing. The goal was to leverage Bayer's global distribution network to provide customers with the best solutions through an expanded portfolio and new technologies.

Since then a lot has happened

The leather business was spun off into LANXESS and ultimately acquired by TFL in June 2021, while Rohm and Haas was acquired by Dow in 2009.

But the strategic cooperation with Dow remains to serve the needs of the leather industry with our combined chemical capabilities.

TFL's product offering is complemented by Dow chemicals and technologies for various steps in the leather manufacturing process.

Solutions for Wet-end processes

  • The acrylic syntans LEUKOTAN™ Tanning Agents can be used in addition to or as a replacement for aromatic syntans and vegetable extracts
  • LUBRITAN™ Acrylic Retans , can be used as a full or partial replacement of fatliquors to provide haptics and water repellency

Solutions for Leather Finishing

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