Successful fair appearance of TFL in Shanghai

From August, 29th to 31st, 2018, TFL joined the ACLE in Shanghai New International Expo Centre, China

The design of the TFL booth continued with the idea of a premium fashion boutique, presenting TFL leathers in the form of car interiors like seats, steering wheels and head rests as well as furniture. Professional models wearing garments, shoes and goods showed how leathers manufactured with TFL chemicals will become beautiful fashion articles. All our end articles were made in the colours forecasted in the TFL Colour Trends catalogues Autumn-Winter 2019-20 and Spring-Summer 2020.

Additionally, the 3D X-rite Pantone Machine was introduced at our booth, which is the first and absolutely unique in the exhibition hall; nearly 500 types of leather, which are produced with TFL chemicals, pre-scanned into this equipment as digital materials, the visitors could switch to any leather articles colour, texture, grain and perspective at this outstanding machine to enjoy the magic of glass-free 3D effect, offering a unique experience to all visitors.

In order to meet the growing demand on the environmental issues by customers, compliant and sustainable chromium-free TFL solutions and new approaches for the processing of wet-white leather were introduced, as well as technologies to manufacture sustainable leather . For automotive leather, our focus was on how to reduce the emission in car interior : For upholstery, the fashion trend is closely followed to introduce series of chemicals and solutions for easy care of upholstery in pastel shades. With colorful sport shoes, sneakers and knapsacks TFL’s Performace Coating Division presented the latest TFL HYDRO PU products.

We are looking forward to participating at the ACLE next year and thank all our visitors as well as our employees for a valuable and exciting time in Shanghai.