New TFL Colour Trends Catalogue Spring-Summer 2023

TFL has released its new TFL Colour Trends Catalogue for the season Spring Summer 2023. In the catalogue, TFL presents the colour trends for leather garment, footwear, accessories and additionally for the upholstery industry.

The colour trends are divided into “Wearing” and “Living”, devoting a section to each within the publication. Wearing comprises inspirations and colour trends for garments, footwear and accessories.

The Living section features all colours that will decorate the season’s interior designs.

In “Wearing”, we will see an explosion of feathered effects and superlight padded designs in which the leather’s grain floats on airy, spongy collagen.

Comfort is naturally a priority, but we want to get back to having fun with clothes and accessories for new glam looks. We will lead with gamerbait, the trend that merges the world of videogames with fashion, and understands how these tools engage a worldwide audience in a similar way to social media.

In “Living”, both interior and exterior design invite you to close your eyes and imagine you are back in all those wonderful places that remind you of your childhood, loved ones or holidays.

Calfskin, lambskin, bovine leathers and even crocodile are converted into tempting things with charming finishes and a definite discernment for appearances and weights that reflect in the softness of the leathers and the aptly chosen chemicals used to ennoble them.

Being confident that the TFL Colour Trends catalogue will assist you in taking decisions regarding colour trends, we wish you a happy reading.

The TFL Colour Trends Catalogue is now available here .