New TFL Colour Trends Catalogue Autumn-Winter 2025-26

TFL has released its new TFL Colour Trends Catalogue for the season Autumn Winter 2025/26.

In the catalogue, TFL presents the colour trends for leather garment, footwear, accessories and additionally for the upholstery industry.

The colour trends are divided into “Wearing” and “Living”, devoting a section to each within the publication. Wearing comprises inspirations and colour trends for garments, footwear and accessories.

The Living section features all colours that will decorate the season’s interior designs.

In “Wearing”, we emphasize the importance of leather being unmistakably genuine, without any ambiguity or compromise as to its true nature. Leather goods are the reigning fashion accessory of the season and here we find a fusion of feather effects, harmonious interplay of colour and embossing and diverse handle options, obtained either with silicones or waxes.

At the same time, we are aware that innovation and high-quality chemical formulations are essential. For this reason, while lightweight sneakers embody futuristic design, chemical research is making efforts and leading to novel acrylic and polyurethane polymers.

Overall, our aim is to maintain the timeless allure of genuine leather craftsmanship.

In “Living”, we see today’s interconnected world, globalization has profoundly impacted industries like leather production, resulting in extensive movement of raw materials and drawing parallels with global migrations.

The architectural landscape has also undergone transformative changes, with the trend towards open, transparent spaces influencing the evolution of leather products and their performances. In the interiors sector, there has been a notable focus on improving comfort and functionality, encouraging relaxation and escape. Amidst these advancements, the principles of innovation, sustainability and aesthetic appeal remain important. The advent of digital architecture further revolutionizes design possibilities, enabling the rapid generation of intricate structures based on imaginative prompts.

Being confident that the TFL Colour Trends catalogue will assist you in taking decisions regarding colour trends, we wish you a happy reading. More