Information to your open orders for Lanxess products

Please find below some details on the order processing for Lanxess products

  • 1. Open customer orders with Lanxess OLC at 31st May 2021 will be transferred to TFL automatically. TFL will issue an updated order confirmation.
  • 2. During the data migration period, TFL will not be able to process any orders for Lanxess products (transferred from Lanxess or placed after June 1st with TFL). This "black-out period" is expected to last until Sunday, June 6th 2021.
  • 3. TFL will be able to receive customer orders, as normal, from June 1st (for contact details please see customer information letter issued by Lanxess beginning of May).
  • 4. TFL will issue order confirmations from the June 7th for orders placed after June 1st, as well as for orders automatically transferred by Lanxess
  • 5. Customer orders for TFL products are not affected from this "black-out period" and can be processed as normal without any interruption.

We will do our best to keep the length of the business interruption to a minimum. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Should you have any questions, please address it to your normal point of contact.

The combined TFL and former Lanxess OLC team look forward to continuing to support you into the future.