CORIPOL® A range

A strong partner for your leather

Requirements for all kinds of leathers are obvious:

Everybody needs the highest performance at the best possible price. To satisfy today’s demand, we are pleased to introduce TFL’s CORIPOL® A range. Benefit from a special range of fatliquors and experience their remarkable softening effect. The CORIPOL® A range presents fatliquoring agents for various soft leather types such as nappa for garment and shoes, upholstery and automotive leathers.

High-fastness fatliquors from sustainable resources

TFL’s CORIPOL® A range is based on a combination of special natural and synthetic softening agents and consists of renewable materials. Use their power to create your own leather masterpiece by taking control of softness, touch, fullness and grain tightness.

TFL CORIPOL® A range –
High-fastness fatliquor from sustainable resources


The original range member is a lecithin-based fatliquor and perfectly suitable for vegetable, synthetic and combination-tanned soft leathers. CORIPOL® A is particularly ideal for the preparation of automotive, upholstery, shoe and garment articles. It is highly concentrated to modify your softening properties and is mainly used as a companion fatliquor together with CORIPOL® SLG or CORIPOL® ESU. It imparts an excellent inner softness and gives your leather a smooth touch. On top of that it provides very good gravimetric fogging values.


With this evolution of CORIPOL® A, TFL provides an improved handling without compromising on the benefits. Its low viscosity and fluidity makes it suitable for modern tanneries equipped with automated dosing systems.


This product is a further development of CORIPOL® AT especially addressing physical properties, such as tear and tensile resistance. CORIPOL® ALF provides less sponginess and less inner softness compared to CORIPOL® A and CORIPOL® AT.


This new range member is extremely versatile. It was designed to be the main fatliquor to influence your leather softness during every step of the wet-end process. This innovation has an outstanding emulsification property and a very low viscosity. Its excellent price performance ratio enables you to produce a broad range of articles with a strong softening effect. A high stability against electrolytes and low pH as well as an excellent emission behavior in terms of fog and VOC values are just further assets of this innovation. It emulsifies very well and also improves the behavior of other fatliquors. Your product will reach a charming softness and a pleasant handle. CORIPOL® AV will provide all types of leathers with a great light and heat fastness as well as brilliant physical properties.

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