Raw hide preservation - Dried out hides and skins

Some tannery storage conditions may result in areas of the raw hide drying out. If left uncorrected, this can result in negative effects on chemical penetration and distribution. TFL's surfactants, wetting agents and enzymes from a powerful set of tools to combat this problem.

Fresh raw material left uncovered too long in dry ambient may dry out and this causes difficulty in the soaking and subsequent liming. This often leads to such problems as loose grain, slight loss of grain enamel and general structural looseness, particularly in belly areas.

Good practice: Do not allow goods to be left without covers in dry conditions. To help avoid the looseness which can result from raw material left in these conditions the soaking should be conducted with a gentle enzyme soaking agent such as PELLVIT KAB-P together with an enzyme compatible surfactant from BORRON range and an enzyme compatible biocide from the ARACIT range. Liming should be as mellow as possible, i.e. not high in alkalinity to avoid overswelling. This can be achieved by the use of Sodium Hydrosulphide and Sodium Sulphide in combination with an efficient swell regulating liming auxiliary from ERHAVIT range.


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