Interested in elastic nappa on calf skin?

The main feature of this article is good grain tightness combined with high softness and certain elasticity. The surface handle is described as elegant and silky suitable for semi aniline finishing systems.

The final articles for this leather are traditional elegant ladies shoes, as well as high-class small leather goods like wallets or handbags.
To achieve these requirements the selection of raw material is very important. For this article wet-blue calfskins from Poland are used as the basis.

After a re-chroming and a very mild neutralisation, MAGNOPAL FTP was introduced for its tightening effect and MAGNOPAL DP for its dispersing and filling properties. In the main retanning the aim was to have a strong filling and polymeric elasticity. For this reason MAGNOPAL CGW was introduced in combination with Mimosa. The fatliquoring was carried out in a separate bath with a combination of CORIPOL EF, CHROMOPOL UF/W and EUPILON IN. This combination gives good inner softness and a pleasant surface handle by maintaining the right temper of the article. The final surface touch was created by the application of EULINOL TMS which underlines the silky, elegant surface without negative effect on grain tightness and intensity of the colour.


  • Wet-end


  • Shoe