Delime and bating - Bate

TFL's practical evaluation of a bate's activity combines the traditional testing, with practical experience on hides. It is important therefore to judge the product on the basis of practical trials, rather than on published activity values, as the quality of the selected components is the key criteria.

The composition of the bating agent is important for the effect on the grain and it has been seen that bates based on bacterial protease tend to give a more coarse grain than from pancreatic base.OROPON range are mainly pancreatic based products.

The critical combination of enzymes and carriers etc. means that bates with a higher LVU activity but inferior blend will not perform as well as another optimised blend with lower activity rating. The LVU is more a control standard for production and as they essay is carried out on casein and not hide substances, cannot always be an accurate indication of practical performance. Only practical trial will give a true indication of a bate's performance.


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