International Material Data System

The automotive industries require their suppliers to create a material data sheet (MDS) for the automotive components (e.g. leather) they deliver. This has to be in form of an electronic version and is integrated into the International Material Data System (IMDS).

The IMDS steering committee has published last year the recommendation 005 (see pdf) to demonstrate how to create material data sheets (MDS) for components made of leather. The Chemical Industry and TEGEWA co-operated with the IMDS Steering Committee to make the following simplifications possible.

With the use of "Wildcards" (Jokers), namely generalised descriptions for the various chemical groups used in the manufacturing of the leather, it means detailed composition of the chemical products used do not have to be specified exactly.

In particular, the part for finished and laminated leathers is very easy to handle. The leather manufacturer will have to determine the type of basic duromer used in the finishing (see table 1 of recommendation 005 attached). This information can be obtained from the TFL technical data sheet.

For the further specification of leather a number of Wildcards (Joker) have been added to the "list of basic substances", after agreement with the IMDS Steering Committee:

  • Stabilised Skin Protein (including synonym Tanned Skin)
  • Water
  • Chromium (III) ion (including synonym Chromium (III) compounds)
  • Synthetic Tanning Agents
  • Polymeric Retanning Agents
  • Vegetable Tanning Agents
  • Fatliquors
  • Pigment Portion (including synonyms Colorant and Colo(u)ring Agents)

The following TFL products correspond to the Wildcards (Joker) in the IMDS list:

  • Synthetic tanning agents: SELLATAN®, SELLASOL®, TANNESCO®, MIROSAN®
  • Polymeric retanning agents: MAGNOPAL®
  • Fatliquors: CHROMOPOL®, EUPILON®, PROPILON® and
  • Pigment portion (incl. colorant): RODA® CAR, SELLA® CAR, SELLASET®, SELLA® FAST, SELLA® STAR, SELLA® COOL, RODA® COOL and SELLAFLOR®

Note that for dyes and pigments, the common Joker "Pigment Portion" or its synonyms are used.

We believe to have an easy and practical procedure at hand to allow the leather industry to create the required Material Data Sheet for leather components.

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