Update on Bisphenols: Restriction draft on BPA and BosC pre-published by ECHA

ECHA has pre-published the Restriction draft on Bisphenol A and other Bisphenol of similar Concern (BPA & BosC; including BPS / BPF). Details can be found under the following Link:


TFL is pleased to see that efforts to explain to the authorities the differences between leather and other industries have resulted in a partial understanding and that for the use of “leather articles” a procedure is proposed that differs. Namely leather will have additional five years with a threshold value of 500 mg/kg to implement improvements regarding BPS and BPF, which are raw materials and/or impurities in synthesis of Syntans.

ECHAs RAC and SEAC are still in the process of checking the complete document with its 800 pages before it will be officially published, scheduled for December. As soon as this will have happened the finalization process will start with another stakeholder consultation and last a minimum of 12 months. TFL will continue to give feedback to the fullest possible extent to ensure unfair regulations are not implemented.

After finalization the Restriction draft foresees that other uses than leather will need to reduce BPA and BosC traces to 10 mg/kg within 18 months (2025 earliest) while leather will have additional 5 years at 500 mg/kg (to 2030).

There are a few points in the Restriction draft that will need further clarification e. g. precise impact to Syntan manufacture and extraction method for testing of leather. TFL together with our Chemicals Supplier Association TeGeWa will follow up on those topics and keep you informed.

TFL as a global leader in chemicals for leather production had immediately started to develop products to address this new challenge once it became public. TFL has already launched an invaluable range of genuine Syntans that enable our customers to manufacture leathers that will comply to the upcoming threshold of 500 mg/kg of Bisphenols. Having already provided our customers with unique solutions to comply to the upcoming threshold we are particularly well positioned and experienced to continue our successful research to ensure our customers can also meet any future regulatory requirements with their processes and articles.

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