TFL will not attend Shanghai fair

The 2020 All China Leather Exhibition is still scheduled to take place in Shanghai from September 1-3, however, leather chemicals manufacturer TFL has announced that it will not attend.

In a statement on May 29, TFL said holding the event at a time when there are still extensive travel restrictions and a requirement for strict social distancing measurers would be „a huge challenge“. It said it did not feel it could fully guarantee the safety of customers, business partners and employees if it were to invite them to attend the exhibition.

„TFL has decided to refrain from participating at ACLE 2020“, it stated. „The health and wellbeing of our customers, business partners and employees is our first priority. Even by respecting all restrictions such as physical distancing, the wearing of masks and so on it is unlikely we could prevent the virus from spreading“.

It said it would try to keep in touch with customers and organise individual meetings in the months ahead to present its latest technology to them.

Magazine: World Leather June/July 2020