TFL revamps its flammable department in Buscate, Italy

TFL is proud to announce that it has recently upgraded its flammable product manufacturing facilities in Buscate, Italy, with latest state-of-the-art technology.

One important pillar of the upgrade is the implementation of a centralised management system for automation, which allows full management of the manufacturing process.

The new automation system tightly controls the unit's safety devices and procedures, such as nitrogen inerting at the beginning and during each batch. In addition to improving safety, the new state-of-the-art automation system ensures accurate and repeatable manufacture of all products. By keeping the engineered recipes and process parameters in a secure dedicated server and transferring them to the local PLC of the selected equipment the system ensures high levels of process reliability and reproducibility, giving improved product quality and less waste.

A significant investment in state-of-the-art equipment

Over a 9-month period, the site team upgraded and replaced many of the elements of the plant whilst ensuring no interruptions to the supply of products to our customers.

  • The major elements of the project included:
  • The installation of two new 9m3 vessels, certified for the handling of flammable materials,
  • The upgrade of an existing reactor,
  • The installation of a new, automated raw material distribution system,
  • The installation of an improved inerting system (Nitrogen blanketing of the system to further improve safety),
  • The installation of the centralized management system for automation.

As a result of this significant investment in leading edge technology, TFL is able to supply higher quantities of its world leading finishing products to our customers with the following additional benefits:World leading safety, health and environment standards,

  • Larger batch sizes and automated management improve productivity,
  • Improved product quality,
  • Reduced levels of waste, improving the environmental footprint of TFL products.

In conclusion, the recent upgrade of TFL's Buscate supports TFL's position as the leading provider of safe, sustainable and high quality products for leather finishing for the years to come.