TFL presentation at ALCA annual convention

At the annual convention of the American Leather Chemists Association taking place in Wisconsin from June 20th-23rd 2023, TFL is giving a presentation on “The way through the legislation maze to renewable leather”. Christopher Tysoe, Head of Product Management Wet-end Crusting, will give an insight on TFL solutions to help tanners to not only meet legislation requirements but go above and beyond.

With TFL through the legislation maze to renewable leather

Tanners around the world face serious challenges, such as new legal restrictions, but also huge new growth opportunities, for example increasing demand for sustainable products. TFL is well positioned to guide our customers to not only meet legislation requirements but go “above and beyond” to help them to reap the rewards on the path to the ultimate sustainable natural leather.

First the bisphenol challenge is defined along with the status-quo of icon syntans vs. the recently launched high performance low BPS/F technology with “tanning power” properties. In addition, the comprehensive and highly complementary BPS/F free wet end range is introduced to allow the production of all kinds of different leather articles with lowest BPS/F levels possible.

Then sustainability is defined, and the bio-, non-food, renewable based products highlighted along with the very latest bisphenol-free genuine tanning solution. The unique TFL “bio- and BPS/F calculator” ensures our customers can simply steer their recipes to optimize the bio-based carbon content of their leather and keep the BPS/F level under control to meet market requirements best.

The presentation will take place on June 21st in the afternoon. TFL is looking forward to the broad audience at the event.