TFL Ledertechnik GmbH Leverkusen receives ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certificates

As of June 2021, the TFL Group has acquired the LANXESS OLC business. Due to the change of ownership, the certificates for the integrated management systems for quality ISO 9001 and environmental protection ISO 14001 for the productions sites expired. The production sites in Filago, Italy and Changzhou, China closed their recertification process end of 2021. Now, the biggest site concerned, TFL Ledertechnik GmbH, Leverkusen, followed their lead.

During months of intensive work, operating licenses and service contracts were converted to the new owner, supplier relationships were confirmed, contact persons were updated and operation processes were harmonized without affecting current business. In February 2022, the multi-step process to receive the new ISO certificate started and ended beginning of April with the qualification audit. From 4th to 6th April, a team of 3 auditors of DQS (Deutsche Gesellschaft for the certification of management systems) evaluated on site all processes regarding development, production and distribution of chemicals for the leather industry and recommended issuing the certificate for the TFL Ledertechnik GmbH without any deviation from the standards requirements.

Like any other certificates of the TFL Group, this document will be available on tfl.com here .

TFL’s management team and the team in Leverkusen are happy about and proud of this result achieved through a lot of hard work and in terms of continuous improvement are looking forward to fulfilling future customer demands.

Martin Kleban
Head of PSR & QMS
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Ruth Herrmann
Quality Management Expert
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