TFL launches bio-polymer based on renewable raw materials

Switzerland headquartered chemical company TFL has introduced a host of new products to the market.

MAGNOPAL® Pure A, an environmentally-friendly, film-forming bio-polymer base on vegetable biomass. It is produced with sustainable chemistry and therefore free of acrylates, formaldehyde, phenol and naphthalene. The bio content (BC) of the dry matters in MAGNOPAL® Pure A reaches an impressive 93% using the DIN EN 16785-2 material balance method. It is not only designed to substitute fossil fuel-based polymers, but also offers interesting, economic application features for a wide range of different leather articles.

MAGNOPAL® Pure A is a primary ingredient of the wet end process. It can be combined with other products from the “Pure range” aiming for articles with “low impact to the environment”, such as:

  • CORIPOL® Pure L: A fatliquoring agent for soft leathers based on phospholipids (BC=79%)

  • CORIPOL® Pure V: A fatliquoring agent for tight leathers base on vegetable seeds (BC=82%)

  • CORIPOL® Pure F: A fatliquoring agent for soft leathers based on aquatic biomass (BC=91%)

  • SELLASOL® Pure H Liq: A retanning agent based on animal – and vegetable hydrolysates (BC=97%)

  • SELLASOL® Pure M: A filling agent based on bio-protein (BC=100%)

TFL has also launched RODA® Fix SFD, a silica-free, dull NMP- and NEP-free aqueous topcoat with excellent general physical and chemical properties. RODA® Fix SFD fulfils general OEM specifications for the automotive market, and can be used for shoe upper and leather goods and upholstery articles to achieve high general physical properties with a pleasant haptic. It has a silky feel with good flow-out behaviour and high matting efficiency and jetness.

  • RODA® Fix SCD: A silica-containing duller based on NMP- and NEP-free polyurethanes, maintaining the dullness after extended UV/heat ageing

  • RODA® Fix PCG: A gloss component based on NMP- and NEP-free pu’s, helping to adjust the gloss level and enhancing the physical and chemical properties.

Magazine: International Leather Maker July/August 2020