TFL is restructuring its production in Central Europe

Because of the ongoing weak development of the leather- and leather chemicals market in 2023 TFL is looking at its competitive framework and is reorganizing its production in central Europe. Consequently, TFL is planning to cease production at the plant (syntan plant) in Leverkusen, Germany, by end of 2023.

The chemical market in Europe and especially in Germany is facing serious profitability issues due to inflation and continued high energy costs (main impact on Germany because of the dependency on gas from Russia until 2022). In this context, TFL is taking measures to counter the weak performance of the specialty chemicals market for leather/the leather market in general.

“With the current market conditions, we have to review all our operations carefully and become more cost conscious”, The TFL Interim-CEO Russell Taylor states, “we have to further streamline TFL in order to stay successful in the market and focus on the right segments to respond to altered market requirements and thus a shift of customer demand. We will continuously focus on sustainable solutions and bio-based products such as our TFL PURE range and we want to further strengthen our position and leading role in offering great chemicals to meet all possible bisphenol regulations in the EU.”

The reorganization and optimized utilization of production sites is a consequence. TFL is precisely planning this step in order to conduct execution with always keeping customer requirements in mind.