TFL is heading into the future with a new look and feel

TFL is heading into the future with a new look and feel.

In time for TFL's 20th anniversary we present ourselves in a completely new look and feel. The challenges to our industry and to our customers are increasing. TFL, as a market leader in innovative ideas for the industry, has to adapt to these challenges as well: the range from demanding environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, to substantial increases in registration of chemicals, to demands from brands and retailers on innovation and on reduced costs.

To visualise that TFL is prepared to take these challenges, we have done a makeover of our corporate identity. TFL has a new management on board, with a pipeline full of new ideas that will challenge the common practice in the industry. We also expand into related industries, since TFL strongly believes that synthetic leather and genuine leather will co-exist in the future and can benefit from each other.

The new company vision “Great Chemicals. Excellent Advice.” is clearly communicating what TFL stands for and why TFL exists.

The new chemicals and advices, which will be shown during the All China Leather Exhibition 2016, serve again as an example that we take challenges of every day work processes at the tannery seriously and we head for the more long-term goals to reduce the environmental footprint of the leather manufacturer.

Peter Amann, CEO of TFL, states: “We are passionate about leather and what we can do with specialty chemicals to make leather better, more appealing and more user-friendly. The core competence of TFL has always been and will continue to be the combination of chemistry and thorough knowledge in the application of chemicals. This is what we want to visualise with our new corporate identity.” Great chemicals. Excellent advice.

Simultaneously, we go online with a brand-new website to provide our customers with valuable information. Quick search functions enable users to easily and efficiently find the desired information no matter what segment one is looking for: suitable automotive leather hints, attractive shoe leather novelties, latest technologies to reduce the impact on the environment or guidance with RSL. The desired advice is only a few clicks away.

We are absolutely convinced that our business partners and customers will be taken with our new look and feel and will enjoy the great chemicals and excellent advice they can always count on.