TFL Increases syntans capacity

Syntans Capacity Expansion in France completed.

In order to satisfy the market demands in an optimum way, TFL expanded its syntans production capacity on its site in Huningue, France by 35%. The upgrade project, announced in July 2018, has been completed safely, on time and during normal operation of the plant.

In addition, the new installation brings the main advantage of being able to produce two product families - syntans and fat liquours - with the same equipment, which increases the flexibility and the productivity among the production processes of these product families.

"We are convinced that with these new installations we will increase not only the productivity, but it will help us also to have a better control of the batch quality ", Patrick Marias, Global Head of Production, states.

The expansion does for example increase TFL's global capacity for key SELLATAN® products to ensure continued great service to its customers. The brand new equipment enables partial automated production processes and comprises some of the latest technology in this field.