TFL colour trends predicts high-performance and casual adventure

TFL's new Colour Trend Catalogue for spring-summer 2022 has been released,featuring the chemical manufacturer's take on materials and trends in leather garment, footwear, accessories and upholstery.

''Tanners will have to manufacture high-performance materials that feature a touch of casual adventure," the company said, a characteristic that is "best embodied by nubuck, which is treated with a multitude of worn effects that are typical for the finest laundries and dyed with highly transparent tones."

TFL said other such materials include "extra-fine full-grain calfskins and lambskins finished

with micro-encapsulated solutions with aceramic and scented effect and water-repellent

calf splits with colours as bright as the handle is soft to the touch . They're waterproof and easily packable so they fold up flawlessly into any piece of luggage."

Popular travel accessories will include a tote bag made with full-grain calfskin in two-tones, a duffel bag with thicker leathers, and a crossbody bag made of extra-soft napped lambskin with a self-gripping finish on the suede side, enabling it to be folded or rolled up.

Shoe trends, according to TFL, include "stilettos in glossy kid skin that are mercifully highly comfortable, sandals made from compact nappa with a mirrored polish and sock sneakers made from velvety, glossy calfskin suede mixed and matched with innovative accessories".

Leatherbiz Weekly - Tuesday 11th August 2020