Talking Point

This time, we asked leather industry professionals: "Do you think the tanning process is going through a fundamental evolution away from metal-based tannages such as chromium towards other tanning agents?''

Today, the primary tanning method remains chrome­ based. Wet-blue is the most versatile intermediate to produce fashionable leather goods as well as high performing furniture and automotive upholstery. In recent years, tanneries were increasingly asked to develop metal-free leather articles. As a direct result, we responded and are currently designers, brands and consumers. The big question is how legislation will impact the industry and influence the tanning technology that can be used in the future.

The chrome used by the tanning industry (Cr(III) based) does not present a risk to end­ users of leather articles and any leather manufacturer can easily control the processes using standard technologies. In addition, recycling of chrome from exhaust floats and shavings is an integrated part of the fundamental supplying a successful "wet-white" system used around the world today that, so far, has not been displaced by any other chemistry.

Wet white intermediates require a strong retanning, however, products with a pronounced tanning power rely on industry standard syntans that are currently under legislative pressure.

Market demands are not only steered by sustainability evolution of the tanning industry.

Still, at the end of the day, it is the needs of our valued customers that we are dedicated to fulfil and so we at TFL continue our research and development and provide the very latest safe and high-performance organic tanning solutions and alternatives to keep them at the cutting edge and our next innovation will be launched shortly

International Leather Maker July/August 2022